Department of Economic Development

Apply for a bingo licence

A bingo licence is a licence obtained to conduct bingo games. “Bingo” is a game, including a game played in whole or part by electronic means.

Apply for a bookmakers licence

A bookmakers licence is a licence obtained to conduct the business of a bookmaker.

Apply for a casino licence

A casino licence is a licence obtained to operate a casino. “Casino" means premises where casino games are played for money or other valuable consideration gambled on the possibility of winning a prize.

Apply for a Limited Payout Machine (LPM) licence

Businesses can apply for Limited Payout Machine site licences & additional gaming machine licences can be made through licensed route operators.

Apply for a liquor licence

A liquor licence grants to the licensee such rights and privileges and subjects him or her to such obligations and responsibilities as may by virtue of the Gauteng Liquor Act be regulated thereby or issue from the holding thereof.

Apply for a liquor licence renewal

Apply for a liquor licence renewal within 12 months from the date of issue.

Apply for alterations and extensions of licenced premises

The Gauteng Liquor Board may grant conditional approval to applications where requirements comply with Section 43 of the Liquor Act, but the premises are not yet erected or require structural alteration or addition to be effected.

Apply for an occassional permit or temporary liquor licence

The permit can be applied for, if there is an occasion held by the applicant and the principal business of the applicant should not be that of distribution or sale of liquor.

Apply for business incubation in Information and Communications Technology

The Innovation Hub Management Company (TIHMC) provides enabling support platforms for enterprise development through instruments such as Maxum, Climate Innovation Centre (CIC), BioPark, eKasiLabs and Mlab.

Apply for business incubation in the Automotive Industry

The Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) pioneered its Incubation Programmes within the local automotive industry to provide support to black-owned enterprises and nurture these companies during their start-up phases.

Apply for financial support

The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller provides (GEP) is a one-stop-shop for SMMEs and offers personalised service. We offer financial and non-financial support.

Apply for hospitality management training

The Ga-Rankuwa Hotel School offers a range of skills programmes in hospitality management to Gauteng based unemployment Youth.

Apply for non-financial support

The Gauteng Enterprise Propeller (GEP) provides unique, tailored financial and non-financial services that enable SMMEs and Co-ops to become active participants in Gauteng’s mainstream economy.

Apply for skills development and business incubation at the Township Enterprise Hubs

Township Enterprise Hubs are business incubators and skills development centres targeting the unemployed and small businesses and are a critical component of the Gauteng Provincial Government’s (GPG) holistic approach to unemployment.

Apply for skills development at the Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre

The Gauteng Automotive Learning Centre is a state-of-art facility for skills and development training within the automotive sector. It is part of the Nissan SA Investment Support Programme and is the result of a partnership between Nissan SA and the Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC).

Apply for skills development programme in Jewellery Manufacturing - Design50

The Design50 Commercial Jewellery Design Project is a commercial training institute for jewellery manufacturing and design graduates. This course arms students with technical knowledge, practical work experience, entrepreneurial skills and certification.

Apply for transfer of liquor licence

According to Section 104 of the Act, a licensee may at any time make an application for the transfer of the licence to another person.

Apply to appoint a manager for a liquor establishment

According to Section 40 of the Act a licence holder may in a prescribed manner appoint a person who will manage the business.

Company Loan Application

Funding for Small and Medium for Mega projects

Enter the Township Entrepreneurship Awards

The main objective of the Township Entrepreneurship Awards is to recognise and reward entrepreneurial talent in townships whilst building and cementing confidence in township based businesses.

Explore Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill offers venue hire options for a range of events including seminars, meetings, banquet's or cocktail receptions.Constitution Hill offers educational programmes about the Constitution, through an interactive learning experience that makes the Constitution tangible and real.

Find information on Economic Research and Planning

The Economic Planning Unit at the Gauteng Department of Economic Development exists to provide thought leadership required for strategic decision-making and the overall economic transformation and re-industrialisation for the Gauteng province.

Invest in Gauteng

InvestSA Gauteng (formerly the Gauteng Investment Centre) is South Africa's first One-Stop Shop (OSS) for international investors and established local businesses where essential government information and services can be accessed from a single platform.

Lodge a consumer related complaint

The Gauteng Office of Consumer Affairs (GOCA) was established by the Gauteng Department of Economic Development in terms of the Consumer Affairs (Unfair Business Practices) Act No. 7 of 1996 to protect and promote consumer rights.

Report a gambling addict

Individuals addicted to gambling can be offered counselling and support through the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP).

Request for self-exclusion from gambling facilities

Self-exclusion is a legislated programme where a player may wish to exclude himself/herself from gambling activities. An individual that is excluded is offered counselling and support through the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP).

Socio-economic Transformation and Economic Empowerment

Inclusive Economy generally advocates for the implementation of programs aimed at driving socio-economic transformation and economic empowerment.

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Visit Gauteng

Tourism plays a vital role in the South African and the Gauteng economy. It highlights the sector’s potential to contribute to economic growth, social inclusion and environmental preservation.