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Office of the Premier 28/06/2019 - 07:19

It's all systems go as Gauteng Premier Makhura prepares to deliver his 6th State of the Province Address. The Address, marks the official opening of the provincial legislature, and is expected to highlight the achievements of the provincial government, and set the tone on government's plan of action for the year.

Plans on how the provincial government will create job opportunities, empower youth, and improve the public transport system are some of the plans that Gauteng residents would like Premier Makhura to expand on in the State of the Province Address.

John Mthembu, 65 year old garbage collector, wants to hear more about job creation for senior citizens. "I would like the Premier to give us jobs because I hardly make a decent living as a recycler. It has been years since I was retrenched by a factory, so I had to resort to collecting garbage in order to put food on the table," said Mthembu.

Daniel Thoka would like to hear more on youth empowerment, "Crime is at an all-time high in Gauteng. This is due to the high unemployment rate which forces young people to resort to a life of crime. I believe that if more jobs are created for young people, they will do something constructive with their lives and stop committing crime."

Whilst foreign national Antonio Moyana called on the provincial government to implement pro-active measures to guarantee the safety of immigrants in the province. "One of the issues we face in this province is safety as foreign nationals. We get intimidated daily by residents saying that we are stealing their jobs," said Moyana.

Hans Langa expressed concerns around the continual non-regulation of metered taxis. "I would like for the Premier to fix our transport system because there is a need for regulation between metered taxis and uber drivers. We tend to have squabbles with uber drivers because they are killing our business with their price rates.

The State of the Province Address will be delivered on Monday 01 June 2019 , at the University of Johannesburg, Soweto Campus.


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