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The export of for instance skins, bones, horns, teeth, tusks, capes and hooves of game animals have certain requirements.

The hunting industry in South Africa is very strong and growing. With this is the need to export the various trophies of overseas clients. The origin of the trophy is important in determining the needs before export can take place:

  • All trophies (skins, bones, horns, teeth, capes, hooves etc.) of cloven-hoofed animals within the Foot and mouth disease controlled areas are subject to specific controls and the Sate Veterinary Office in the area of origin must be contacted for compliance to move these products;
  • All trophies (skins, teeth, tusks, bones) from domestic and/or wild pig (Bushpig and/or Warthog) originating from the African swine fever controlled area need a permit for movement to tanneries in Gauteng or for movement through Gauteng. The local State Veterinary Office at origin can be contacted for assistance;
  • If an area is under Veterinary restriction of movement for any control purposes, any application to move will be subject to approval from the local Veterinary control.


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