Report school safety issues


Learners can report bullying, sexual abuse, parent abuse, drug abuse, trauma incident and will receive help and counselling on time.

Who can report issues?
 Citizens can report schools safety related issues to the following: 
  • Principals (if they are not perpetrators)
  • Class teachers
  • Teacher Liaison Officer
  • School Based Support Teams
  • School Governing Body
  • Parents
  • Cluster Leader
  • District Director
  • Whistle Blowers
  • Law Enforcement Agencies and
  • Any concerned member of the public.
How to report issues?
All incidents that take place at the school must be reported to the Principal (if you are not the perpetrator). In cases where the Principal is the perpetrator, the incident must be reported to the Institutional Development and Support Officer (IDSO) of the school.
  • Use the Incident Report Format supplied to schools by the Department
  • Talk to the MEC
  • Whistle Blowers
The Department will allocate the case to the relevant stakeholders for action. 

Safety tips:
  • ​A school safety officer;
  • A school safety team;
  • Disciplinary procedures that all staff members and learners are aware of;
  • A code of conduct for learners;
  • A code of conduct for educators;
  • A school safety plan;
  • A set of emergency procedures that explain what to do in case of an emergency;
  • An incident recording system;
  • A reporting system that will encourage learners and educators to report incidences of crime and violence; and
  • A support system for learners and educators who might be affected by crime and violence at school level.
Switchboard: 011 355 0000 
Toll-free: 0800 000 789 

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