Request for self-exclusion from gambling facilities


Self-exclusion is a legislated programme where a player may wish to exclude himself/herself from gambling activities. An individual that is excluded is offered counselling and support through the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP).

In terms of the legislation anyone can apply for self-exclusion. An individual that is excluded from gambling activities cannot take part in any gambling activity for a period of 6 months. 

Request for self-exclusion​

A request for exclusion can be obtained from the Gauteng Gambling Board and any of the gambling operators through their security departments.

​Non-compliance with self-exclusion

It is the responsibility or the player who requested to be excluded from participating in gambling to ensure that he or she complies with the terms of the self-exclusion. In case of non-compliance, the punter may be denied access to gambling and, in certain circumstances, face a charge of trespassing.

Upliftment of the self-exclusion order

Requests for upliftment of the self-exclusion order will only be considered once the self-exclusion order has been in force for a period of 6 months and the player proves that he or she has attended counselling sessions with one of the NRGP’s Treatment Professionals

Self-exclusion session

The Self-exclusion sessions are free to the user to register for the NRGP’s sessions.

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