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A bingo licence is a licence obtained to conduct bingo games. “Bingo” is a game, including a game played in whole or part by electronic means.

Who can apply?

A person wanting to conduct bingo games may apply for a bingo licence, with exception to the disqualifying factors made in section 30 of the Gauteng Gambling Act, 1995 (Act No. 4 of 1995).

No person may make an application for a bingo licence unless the application is lodged pursuant to, and in accordance with, a notice inviting applications which has been published by the Gauteng Gambling Board in the Provincial Gazette.

Applications are currently closed. ​

How to apply?

The application must be submitted as follows: ​

  • One (1) original application,
  • Two (2) copies of the original application (bound), 
  • Two (2) p​​​ublic copies of the application marked as such (with a letter reflecting the excluded confidential information in terms of the Gauteng Gambling Board Act, 
  • The application must be advertised accordingly in the provincial gazette, as well as a newspaper circulating in the district in which the premises to which the application relates. 

The application must be submitted in the following format and sequence:

  1. The application may be submitted in your own reproduction provided that the content is exactly the same as contained herein, 
  2. Any reproduction and all accompaniments must be on standard A4 size paper. The application must be filed in the following sequence: 

  • Section 38 consent application, 
  • Copies of advertisements required by Section 20 of the Act (in the format as attached hereto as Annexure A), 
  • Copy of legal instruments giving effect to the acquisition of interest, 
  • ​Relevant declaration and release authorisation by the applicant; and, if a company, the required personal declarations, and personal release authorisations relevant to the applicant company only, 
  • Company declarations and release authorisations for companies together with the required personal declarations and release authorisations in respect thereof.

The following should accomp​​any this application:

  1. Company declaration and company release authorisation, 
  2. Personal declaration and personal release authorisation.  

The following should accompany this declaration: 

  • Original application 
  • Copy of original application,
  • Original fingerprints (Elicit Activity Report) – Police clearance certificate/ criminal record check, 
  • Copy of Identity Document or passport certified by the SAPS, 
  • Copy of Work Permit and Criminal Clearance in respect of foreign applicants, 
  • Copies of Tax Returns (excluding supporting schedules) and the assessments of the individual for the most recent three years,
  • Copies of the VAT Returns and assessments if applicable of the individual, 
  • Two recent passport- sized photographs signed and dated at the back by the individual.
NOTE: The Board may in writing require additional information during the investigation process


Application fee: R2 780 (key employee) and R690 (other)​,
Licence fee: R134 420



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