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This service is aimed at an individual, clubs, businesses, nature reserves and municipalities who wants to write a Hunting Outfitters Exam.

All persons or companies who import, export, trade in, keep, possess, collect, pick, convey, transport or hunt listed wild animals and wild plants in Gauteng must apply for permits with the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, (Directorate: Biodiversity Management/Nature Conservation).

To write a hunting outfitters exam, in accordance with Gauteng Nature Conservation Ordinance 12 of 1983, Section 47.   

How to apply:

The correct application form must be completed and signed by applicant. Name, physical address of applicant, telephone/cell phone number, email address, postal address, ID/Passport number.
Proof of payment of application fee must be attached.
Fifteen working days are required to process a permit application.
Any additional information, which the applicant deems necessary, should be attached to this application.

Certificate from a Professional Hunting School. Copies of other Province's permits, if already registered in any. Copy of identity document/smart card. For Gauteng applicant, must be 12 years and above. Examination for other Provinces other than Gauteng, must be accompanied by proof that the Province agreed that the examination can be written in Gauteng.




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Fax (Pretoria): 086 420 2099​

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