Request social work services for children and families

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Social workers provide children and families with life skills to help them cope at home and in the community with challenges caused by different social ills, bereavement and trauma.

Children and families are provided with a safe and secure environment in cases where interventions of family crisis are need and conducted. Counselling and support services are provided in situations where there is a divorce, abuse, neglect, death of family members, etc. to assist with acceptance and adjustment to the new situation and to ensure preservation and reunification services to families.

The service is offered to any person who needs it (e.g. children, families, individuals)
Types of services
  • Mediation in divorce cases
  • Assessment and counselling
  • Compilation of court reports
  • Removal to alternative care
  • Intensive family support programme
  • Aftercare support programme
  • Families re-unification services
  • Advocacy, educational and awareness programme
  • Facilitation of access to services
  • Recreational and spiritual motivation activities
How to access the service

Families, adults and children accompanied by adults can go to their nearest Gauteng Department of Social Development office to access social workers.

Available Services

Request social work services for children and families

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