Request community-based care for people with disabilities

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Community-based care is provided to people with disabilities to promote independent living and socio-economic empowerment to enable them to function within their community to achieve their maximum potential and live a normal life.

There are community workers within the community that can assist when individuals need h​elp.

Who can access this service?

People with disabilities who are 18 years and older and ​are able to function without assistance in the community.

Types of services

  • Capacity Building and Education e.g. ABET, life skills
  • Education, awareness and advocacy programmes
  • Vocational/Skills development programme
  • Economic empowerment
  • Counselling to people with disabilities
  • Volunteer programme
  • Recreational activities
  • Provision of meals
  • Facilitating access to health, social development and transport services
  • Assessment of people with disabilities (DQ98)
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Protection against abuse
  • Outreach programmes e.g. home based care
  • ​Facilitate access to transport
​How to access the service?​
Individuals can visit the Gauteng Department of Social Development office or registered NPO facility closest to them.

Available Services

Request for care and support at home.

In Person

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