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Skills development programs (protective workshops) provide opportunities to people with disabilities from the local community to develop and improve their skills.

The programmes provides people living with disabilities a safe and disability-friendly environment where they are afforded an opportunity to earn an income through the products they manufacture to supplement their disability grants whilst they develop and improve their skills. 

These programmes are also aimed at socio economic empowerment to prevent the dependency of people living with disability on caregivers and they further aim to develop their sense of independence, self-esteem, mental and physical abilities optimally through the challenges of a day programme and work activities.

The service targets persons living with disabilities that are 18 years and older and who can function with assistance in the community.

​Type of services offered

  • Capacity building
  • Education skills
  • Vocational skills development
  • Economic empowerment
  • Counselling, occupational therapy
  • Volunteer programme
  • Rcreational activities
  • Provision of meals
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Protection against abuse
  • ​Access to transport and outreach programmes

How to access the service

Persons in need of this service must apply directly to the manager of the facility or through a Social Worker.

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