Request assisted living for older persons

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To provide care and support services to promote independent living at home to older persons.

Care and support services are provided to frail and destitute older person who do not require 24 hour care in order to maintain an optimum level of independent living.

Types of services offered

  • Education, awareness and advocacy programmes
  • Volunteer programme
  • Recreational and spiritual motivation activities
  • Active ageing programmes
  • Provision of meals (luncheon clubs)
  • Counselling services
  • Protection services against abuse
  • Facilitation of access to health, social development and other services​

How to apply?

  • A means test and the DQ98 screening form is utilised to determine eligibility for the service. Persons 60 years and older who are semi-frail and destitute but still independent, in need of care, support and shelter. ​
  • Persons in need of the service must apply directly to the manager of the facility or through a social worker at the Gauteng Department of Social Development offices or registered NPOs near them

Available Services

Request care for older persons at home

In Person

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