Request residential care for frail older persons

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Residential care is provided to frail older persons. A 24 hour residential care is provided on a temporary or permanent basis to maintain an older person's physiological, social and emotional well-being.

​T​his is an affordable and accessible residential care service to frail older persons. Counselling, theraphy and a safe environment is provided to neglected and abused older persons .

Who is entitled to the service?
The physically and mentally challenged, persons older than 60, tube fed and unconscious persons who need 24-hour nursing care.  Persons who are strictly bed-ridden are also admitted in terms of the Dependency Questionnaire (DQ98). The DQ98 is a screening form for application to be admitted for residential care services.

How can the service be accessed?
Services can be accessed through referrals by the community, hospitals, Gauteng Department of Social Development Service Offices, registered NGOs and NPOs by contacting the Social Worker at the Institution.

What documents and information does the recipient need to provide to government?
  • Completion of application form obtainable from the Centre.
  • Social Worker's report.
  • Medical Report
  • Patient's ID document and funeral policies where available.
Types of services offered
  • Volunteer programme
  • Capacity building and education on ageing issues
  • Active ageing
  • Provision of meals
  • Recreational and spiritual motivation activities
  • Provision of health care services e.g. rehabilitation, assistive devices and medication
  • Provision of laundry services
  • Provision of meals
  • Provision of domestic services
  • Assessment of applicants in terms of DQ98
  • Services and programmes for older persons infected and affected by HIV and AIDS
  • Outreach programmes (e.g. home based care, transfer of skills to community based care projects)
  • Provision of counselling services
  • Reunification and reintegration services
  • Safety beds for neglected and abused older persons​

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