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Individuals with substance abuse challenges in the community are provided with care and support services by community care givers within their community at home.

Community-based services are crucial in addressing the unfriendly social, economic and health consequences of substance abuse in many communities.  The service gives those who are dependent on substances the opportunity to receive treatment while remaining within their families and communities. A well-resourced community-based treatment programme with fully trained professionals and support staff, can provide a practical and cost-effective service to those who abuse or are dependent on substances and their families.

A community-based service should:

  • Establish or use existing facilities and infrastructure including primary health care centres;
  • Consist of a multidisciplinary team made up of social workers, professional nurses, mental health practitioners, community structures and service users;
  • Provide professional and lay support in the community environment;
  • Establish recreational, cultural and sports activities to divert young people;
  • Provide support groups for service users and those affected by substance abuse;
  • ​Enhance the capacity of communities to respond to their own needs and development through community mobilization, strength-based approaches and empowerment programmes. ​
​How to access the service?​

  • Any person in need of this Service should visit their nearest Social Development Office because Rehabilitation centres do not take walk ins, but intake is facilitated by a Social Worker from either the Department of Social Development or a funded Non Profit Organization.

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