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Residents of Gauteng can apply for housing subsidy provided by government through services such as Breaking New Ground (BNG) which was previously known as the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP).

This applies to new applications and the checking of application status.

Who can apply?

South African citizens and permanent residents who earn between R0 to R3 501.

How to apply?

To apply for a government housing subsidy, visit a regional office in your area with your spouse/partner (if applicable) the following original documents and certified copies: 

  • South African Green Identity Document
  • Birth Certificates or South African Identity Document of financial dependents 
  • For deceased spouse - Death Certificate 
  • Spouse's South African Identity Document if married 
  • Marriage Certificate (if married) 
  • Ceritificate of customary marriage issued by the Department of Home Affairs 
  • Divorce Decree if divorced 
  • Payslip if working or letter employment where payslip are not issued
  • Proof of Disability from Registered Medical Practitioner


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