Breastfeeding is a natural and the safest way of nourishing an infant. The benefits of breastfeeding are plenty for both mother and baby.

​Breast milk contains the exact nutrients a baby needs for growth and brain development.  The first milk or colostrum is thick and yellow and very good for the baby. It is the baby’s first protection against sickness. 

Why is breastfeeding important?

  • Breast milk is easily digested by babies 
  • Breast milk strengthens the baby’s immune system and helps fight infections like diarrhoea, respiratory illness, allergies and ear infections 
  • Breastfeeding helps mom to bond with baby 
  • Breast milk is free and always available. 
  • The baby does not need any solid food for the first six months.  Breast milk is sufficient during this period.
  • ​Breast milk is safe, fresh and uncontaminated 
  • ​Breast milk promotes shrinking of the uterus which has expanded during pregnancy

Feeding mothers should talk to the nurses at their loca clinics to ensure that they get maximu​​m benefit from breastfeeding. 

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