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Antenatal and Postnatal care consist of prenatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) healthcare for expectant mothers. It involves treatment and training to ensure a healthy pregnancy, labour and delivery for mom and baby.

​Prenatal care helps decrease risks during pregnancy and increases the chance of a safe and healthy delivery. 

Regular prenatal visits can help your doctor monitor your pregnancy and identify any problems or complications before they become serious. 

On the other hand, postnatal care is important too. This period lasts six to eight weeks, beginning right after the baby is born. 

During this period, the mother goes through many physical and emotional changes while learning to care for her new-born baby. 

Postnatal care also involves getting proper rest, nutrition and vaginal care. 

Females must go to their nearest clinic upon suspecting that they are pregnant. ​An Identity Document/Passport as well as proof of residence is required for registration. 

When you book for antenatal care:
  •  You will be asked about your health history 
  •  You will undergo a physical examination 
  •  Routine blood tests will be done 
  • Your blood pressure and urine will be checked 
  • You will be offered HIV test 
  • An ultrasound scan may be done 
  • Your baby’s development will be checked 
  •  You will be referred for special care if any risks to your pregnancy are identified including high blood pressure/diabetes
  • You will be given a personal antenatal care card on which all information will be recorded   

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