Elijah Barayi Village

Department of Human Settlements 23/05/2019 - 12:50

This development will create a new community, bring new resources/partners to the area, provide significantly new housing opportunities and fill a spatial gap in the city's layout.

This project complies with national housing objectives and will stand out as well planned integrated development for both Gauteng and National Department of Human Settlements. The Land for the development are portion 36 of the farm Varkenslaagte 119 IQ (340 ha in size) and was acquired for this purpose. The land as well as its location makes it ideal for the development of an integrated, multifunctional extension to existing township to create not only housing opportunities but also a variety of commercial, industrial, and institutional amenities and job opportunities to the greater Merafong area.

 The Major Role players in this development include the following:

 Gauteng Department of Human Settlements

City of Merafong

West Rand District Municipality

Gauteng Partnership Fund

Calp Developments

​ The Elijah Barayi Village Project will include the following.

12799 Mixed Housing Typologies Units.

 New Convenience Shopping Centre and 4 Business Facility Sites.

 8 Primary, 4 Secondary Schools and a FET College.

Local Community Hall, 4 Municipal Sites, Local Parks and 4 Taxi Ranks.

 1 Police Station, 2 Post Offices, 3 Clinics, 1 Fire Station and 1 Library

18 Crèches and 12 Church sites

Old Age Home


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