Weekly GPT supplier development workshops very helpful for entrepreneurs

Gauteng Treasury 09/09/2019 - 11:31

Every week, Gauteng Provincial Treasury hosts insightful and useful supplier development workshops for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Each week carries its own theme, packaged with its own discussions. This Wednesday, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) were facilitating the workshop.

The CMMA's facilitator, Nhlanhla Ndaba spoke about labour matters such as how to deal with dismissal, labour disputes, harassment and employment contracts.

In addition to his insightful presentation, Ndaba also touched on the kind of matters the CCMA handles as well as their mandate and mode of operation.

Second on the programme was Msizi Wella from South African Revenue Service (SARS). He did a presentation on compliance with tax, record keeping and VAT of small business. Wella highlighted that SARS is now offering their services online and they aim to complete every process electronically.

"The aim of SARS is to provide service and educate," he said.

One businessman, Bongani Dludlu shared that the weekly workshops have been turned his life and business around.

Even though he registered his business in 2017, he had not gotten any assistance or help until attending the workshops in May this year.

"These sessions have been very helpful because I learnt how to quote correctly, fill in tender documents as well setting my pricing, among other aspects, correctly," he said.

Dludlu who is in the logistic, tourism and transport industry explains his entrepreneurship journey which started as an idea in 2003.

"I did not start with my business right away because I was still working. I wanted to be a taxi owner from when I was ten years old, but the industry was dangerous when I was growing, hence I opted for tourism," said Dludlu.

He goes on to say when he got dismissed from his previous job in the hospitality industry, he knew the UIF and pension pay outs will not be enough.

"It's only when I started coming to these sessions have I seen growth in my business. If it weren't for these sessions, I would still be sitting at home," he said.

Dludlu aims to give back to his community, where he grew up in Kwa-Ndebele by doing school tours and supplying schools with stationary. "I want to train young people on electric work, especially those who have certificates but no work experience."

 Even though Dludlu officially started trading in his business in August 2019, he says all his current success to from the sessions held at GPT.

 "Every information I have if from the sessions. My business is doing well because of these sessions," he added.

During the other weeks, some of the themes discussed include pricing, BBBEE Codes, and the administration compliance.


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