Gauteng Health warns community against excessive intake of salt

Department of Health 16/03/2020 - 07:57

​Patricia Mokoena

In Commemoration of Salt Awareness week, the Gauteng Department of Health embarked on a week-long educational campaigns throughout the province to educate members of the public about the dangers that salt can have for their health.


Under the theme, Hide and seek, the week aims to communicate directly with general public and bring attention to the hidden salt in our favourite food products and to educate the community on what to look for to avoid salty food. Foods with the heart Mark logo are healthier choices and lower in salt than similar products. Fresh foods have less salt than processed foods 


“Your body needs only a small amount of salt to be healthy. You should eat no more than

5 gram of salt per day, this is the same as one teaspoon of salt. This intake includes the salt that you add to your food as well as salt already found in foods, said Public Health Manager Zanuxolo Futshane.

Excessive intake of hypertension can lead to elevated blood pressure which is a major risk for cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks, strokes, kidney stones,

stomach cancer and edema which is the swelling of the knees, feet and hands due to fluid retention.


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