Gauteng Social Development strive for elderly well-being

Department of Social Development 03/12/2019 - 13:02

"Your children and grandchildren are abusing you. They give birth to babies and dump them with you. When you agree to look after their children, you are promoting their wrong doings. You agree because you want to benefit from child support grant not knowing you are adding stress amongst yourselves, tell them you are not a dumping site".

These are the words echoed by  Social Worker Essau Ratshibvumo, from City of Johannesburg during Elderly Abuse Awareness and Prevention at Pupeleng Centre for the Aged at Mayibuye, Rabie Ridge on Friday.

In terms of the Older Persons Act No. 13 of 2006 the Department of Social Development is mandated to promote the protection of Older Persons against abuse and to ensure that their rights are upheld and respected. The abuse of Older Persons has a negative impact on their physical, emotional, social, and economic wellbeing and it happens across all economic, ethnic, religious, gender and cultural groups. Raising awareness and working towards creating an environment whereby Older Persons report elder abuse therefore becomes necessary.

A Social Worker from the department Clarah Ngomane, gave presentation on how to prevent elderly abuse. She said, "When your children abuse you in any form, go to Social Workers or Police Station to report. Do not allow anyone to control your finances without permission.

Relieve stress by joining social clubs and spend time with your peers. As government, we strive to fight against elderly abuse and look after your well-being", she concluded.‚Äč


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