MEC Masuku implores Comm Serve and Interns to step up and lead

Department of Health 21/02/2020 - 08:51

Vuyo Sabani

"We are looking for leaders to lead team Gauteng Health. If you know you are a leader, please step up now. If you are not sure, please step aside. Whatever choice you make, we will respect you."


This was a rallying cry made by MEC for Health, Dr Bandile Masuku, to Community Service and Internship cohort on Thursday in Boksburg at the inaugural provincial orientation by the Department.

The group was made up of 987 Community Service Nurses, 707 Medical Interns, 550 Community Service Allied Health Workers, 232 Community Service Medical Officers and 612 newly qualified professional nurses based at various health facilities across the province.  

"By now you know that leadership is not a position. Leadership is largely a function of vision, ideas and execution. We need to make it clear that it is a choice to get into leadership and that we must keep the space competitive and that is why we will enforce Performance Management," said MEC Masuku.


MEC Masuku assured the Interns and Comm Serves that Department will accelerate work to improve "our aging infrastructure, the safety of patients and staff, medical supplies, working conditions including; tools of trade, technology and most importantly, staff morale".

Furthermore, MEC Masuku pleaded with the group to take ownership of the Employee on Employee Value (EVP) proposition.

"I wish to encourage you take pride and ownership of the EVP programme primarily because; you as employees, are the shapers of the programme. It will be what you make of it. So far, I have received very amazing life-changing stories from many of our facilities and the impact they have on patients and communities. I wish to thank you for your great efforts," said Dr Masuku.  

He said through the EVP Programme, "we shall 'stay in touch and connected' with our facilities, managers, fellow employees, patients and communities."

The Interns and Comm Serves were also given an opportunity to put questions to MEC Masuku who gladly engaged them.

Vuyelwa Pambaniso from Chris Hani Baragwanath Nursing College said:  I'm excited about course but the problems that our seniors (nurses) are facing are making me sceptical about the future of nursing"

The event was attended by EVP sponsor Nedbank and Head of Public Sector at the bank, Glynis Jardine said:

"I think this a very great initiative for our youngsters, if you look at the rate of unemployment, the fact that (the Department) have so many interns makes my heart so very happy and it tells me we seriously doing something to help our interns. I love how MEC Masuku is managing things. He is a person who is getting his hands dirty and for me it's someone to look up to because he going to turn around the Department. He's got all my support, all Nedbank support." 



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