R3 million budget set aside to improve staff morale

Department of Health 01/08/2019 - 14:11

Mampe Marapyane

An amount to the value of R3 million has been allocated for Employee Value Proposition project which will form part of the initiatives to boost staff morale and provide incentives, announced Gauteng MEC for Health Dr Bandile Masuku on Tuesday, while delivering the Department's Budget Vote at the Legislature.


"Our staff is our greatest asset and pride. As part of the broader objective of changing organisational culture, improving staff morale will be a priority for the current financial year", said Dr Masuku.

Dr Masuku highlighted that employees of the Department work under challenging conditions and the Department has an obligation to make them feel appreciated.

"For this, we have allocated an initial R3 million for our Employee Value Proposition project. This is in addition to existing programmes such as the Employee Wellness and employee training," said Dr Masuku.

Furthermore, MEC Masuku said the Mental Health Marathon Project (Life Esidimeni) and the fire at the Bank of Lisbon had a huge impact on staff morale and perceptions of safety at work, hence this initiative (EVP) was introduced.

"The safety and security of our patients and staff is important for the system to function optimally and achieve better healthcare outcomes. We have begun to stand up for our patients and staff against criminal elements and we need the support of the community to win this battle", Dr Masuku added.

MEC Masuku said that coordination between Gauteng Health and South African Police Service is already underway. In the current financial year, R600 million is set aside to secure the safety of patients and staff. 

"I must also add that the process of exploring the insourcing models for security personnel has begun in earnest", said MEC Masuku.

Dr Masuku said that "among other things, our priority on clinical services is about improving TB and HIV treatment, mental health services, accident and emergency services, maternal and neonatal services, surgical services and increasing 24-hour services".



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