Despite all challenges strive for a better future – DDG Kabasia encourages

Department of Social Development 08/11/2019 - 12:43

As a young person live your life and reject fake living because it does not define who you are.

This statement was said by Deputy Director-General (DDG) Onkementse Kabasia during the Gauteng Department of Social Development Teenage Pregnancy Awareness Campaign for children in the Government-run institutions that took place at the
Birchwood Hotel and Conference Centre on Saturday, in Boksburg.

Speaking to about 360 teenagers, he said, "You live once, discard fake life and accept who you are, love yourselves and strive for a better future ahead. Peer pressure and being misled by older partners may daunt your prospects that you may live to regret for the rest of yours lives".

Social worker Daphne Naidoo said, "Child Act 38 of 2005 Section 134 (2) stipulates that contraceptives such as condoms may be sold to children over the age of 12, but those below 12 who are not matured enough and require parents or caregivers consent".

Beverly Kopa from the Gauteng Department of Education said, "Our statistics as a department draws a bleak future. From 2015 reported cases of teenage pregnancy were standing at 10 045 to 14 278 in 2017, which is alarming due to social ills and this deter the future of learners in the province. This requires parents and all educational stakeholders to intervene and never turn a blind eye".

Mpumi Luthuli from the Gauteng Department of Social Development warned girl learners not to over compensate their partners as they are still teenagers and experimenting with love which does not guarantee them a positive future.

Thembekile Nkosi, not her real name, applauded the department and its stakeholders for hosting an educational awareness program and said, "Keep-up the wonderful work of caring for us in institutions and host these sessions at least twice a year so that we keep positive in our approach to life".

Teenagers later converged into seven groups to deliberate on topics which are namely; How to prevent pregnancy, Factors contributing to teenage pregnancy, Risks involved in teen pregnancy, Support to parents whose children fall pregnant, Role of stakeholders in fighting teen pregnancy, support to teen parents and Impact of teen / learner pregnancy in the society.

The resolutions will further be discussed in the institution imbizo's and the forthcoming children's conference later this year.


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