Walter Sisulu Child and Youth Care Centre turns 25 years old

Department of Social Development 2022/06/20 - 22:00

​One of the Gauteng Department of Social Development institutions Walter Sisulu Child and Youth Care Centre (CYCC) turned 25 in April.

The center is situated at number 3 Modder Street in Noordgesig, South of Johannesburg. It was named after the South African anti-apartheid activist and a stalwart of African National Congress (ANC) Walter Sisulu who was married to Albertina Sisulu.

Sisulu spent 26 years in exile with the late former President of South Africa Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela and he served as a Deputy President at the ANC’s first national conference after its unbanning the year before.

The admin manager Robert Opperman who spoke on behalf of Tsakani Maluleke Head of Institution said the celebration of 25 years means a lot to people like him and Noordgesig community. He says he had an opportunity to meet the Sisulu family and commemorated ten years anniversary of the centre with them.

The special moment Opperman recalls is when a young man who first entered the gate of the center on his own and he was admitted at the place of safety.

Before entering the gate, security guards will search your car and make sure that everyone signs the register which is compulsory when entering and living the center to protect the safety of the children.

Before entering the reception of the center, on the right-hand side of the building there are beautiful welcoming roses that were named after Walter Sisulu. The beauty of the center from the distance attracts the people who are passing by.

“There are so many successful stories to tell here at Walter Sisulu, such as children who used to stay in the center. There are those who have become Pastors and have started their own churches, run their own businesses including those that have built their own families despite coming from broken families. All this make us proud because we understand where they come from”, he says.

Opperman said as Walter Sisulu management and everyone in the center are looking forward to the big day to celebrate which will happen during the Social Development Month. They are expecting more guests from all over the land to be part of the celebration.


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