Department denounces the hashtag #MenAreTrash

Department of Social Development 2022/11/26 - 22:00

​The Gauteng Department of Social Development has denounced the hashtag #MenAreTrash stating that it is demeaning and misleading because not all men are trash.

This declaration was made during the commemoration of International Men’s Day (IMD) at The Lakes Hotel and Conference Centre in Benoni, Ekurhuleni last Friday, 18th November 2022.

This follows a spike of gender-based violence and femicide cases perpetrated by men against women and children, that continues to plague communities and make rounds on social media platforms.

Speaking to more than one hundred (100) men, Crime Prevention and Victim Empowerment Programme, Director Pearl Moabelo said “We must continue to celebrate good men, men who empower young boys through their decent actions, and men who sacrifice for their families.”

“Our fellow brothers are taught that men do not cry, yet they are dying inside. We must continue to empower men to be the change in their communities, so that they can create safe spaces for women and children,” added Moabelo.

Stress Coach, Mzi Mngoma, said that there is too much negativity surrounding men as perpetrators of GBVF.

“We don’t deny the fact that some men are trash, but we must change the narrative to speak positive about men,” said Mngoma.

Speaking about the rights of fathers, Reverend and Advocate Seabi-Mathope said it is important for fathers to contribute financially, emotionally, and otherwise for the upbringing of their children.

“Previously in South African law, mothers were deemed as far better equipped than their male counterpart in taking care of children. But the Children’s Act 38 of 2005 has brought light into co-parenting.

A child that has contribution of both parents has got a far better chance of being a well-rounded adult,” said Adv. Seabi-Mathope, who is also an activist for gender parity.

She added that fathers who have difficulties to have contact with their children can lodge or report at the Children’s Court or Department of Social Development offices for further intervention.

International Men’s Day is celebrated annually on the 19th of November, to promote the positive role that men play in society, to celebrate their positive contribution to families, and to discuss men’s health and wellbeing.

The event reflected on some of the contributions, sacrifices and progress made by men, such as working together with women to make educational, economic, and social advances in society.


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