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​​Mixed Housing Programme

Mixed Housing Developments is an innovative approach to housing delivery that provides a mixture of housing products to suit low income earners, middle income earners as well as high income earners.

These developments are undertaken in partnership with the private sector, especially financial institutions where a beneficiary has a choice to access the government subsidy to supplement a bond from a financial institution. Other products may include rental accommodation and low cost housing – all in one area.
Mixed income developments are aimed at bringing together or integrating communities in well located areas that provide economic opportunities or have greater potential for economic growth. This approach aims to dispel the myth regarding low cost housing and is well positioned to provide an integrated lifestyle to ensure the sustainable development of the area and its communities.
Mixed development approach takes housing delivery to the next level, providing a variety of amenities in one environment - from houses, schools, and libraries to clinics and sports facilities as well as commercial and industrial developments.
In Gauteng the following Mixed Housing Developments have been initiated in these areas: