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​Procedure to open Independent Schools 

Who may open an Independent School?
According to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Section 29 (3), everyone has a right to establish Independent Educational Institutions. Section 45 (1) of the South African Schools Act states that: “Subject to this Act and any applicable provincial law, any person may, at his or her own cost, establish and maintain an Independent School.

​Procedure to be followed in opening an Independent School:

  • The application for the registration of an Independent School is submitted to the Director for Independent Schools at Head Office, 111 Commissioner Street Johannesburg, on or before 1 April preceding the year in which the school wants to operate.
  • All applications must be accompanied the required documents as outlined in Annexure A of the Provincial Gazette Extraordinary 308 of 2013, General Notice No. 2919 of 2013.

  • The Director for Independent Schools conducts desktop assessment, evaluate the site where the school is intended to operate and then make a recommendation.

  • The application is then sent to Systems Unit at Head Office.

  • A submission is then generated and circulated to all senior managers for recommendation and then to the Head of Department (HOD) who will then approve the application or turn it down.

  • If the application is approved, an EMIS registration No. is obtained from EMIS.

  • The school and the relevant District office is then informed of the registration of the school in question.
  • In the application is rejected by the HOD then the school is informed of the rejection and the reasons thereof.​​​​