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Gauteng City Region Academy​

Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) aims to promote quality education, training and skills development in the province.   

It strives to build relevant skills and talent base for a dynamic and growing Gauteng economy. This is achieved through the facilitation and provision of training and development interventions. It also offers management and leadership development skills to improve performance of public sector employees and to achieve the socio-economic imperatives of Gauteng. Through GCRA, the province nurtures talent and skills within various sectors and realise a transformative agenda on skills development.

Benefiting from the GCRA empowerment are the Gauteng youth, business sector and the Gauteng government employees.  For the youth, bursaries are offered to pursue higher education studies in scarce and critical skills at one of SA's public Higher Education Institutions.  The bursaries are targeting Grade 12's from no fee paying schools within Gauteng and covers amongst others, tuition fees, books accommodation and meals. This year the GCRA awarded 2743 bursaries worth R180 000 000.  

In an effort to facilitate and ensure the implementation of GPG transversal programmes, GCRA also offers learnerships and internships to young graduates. Students who receive bursaries are legible for internship opportunities within the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) and other strategic partners within the province. Internships have been adopted as part of the social responsibility initiatives by GCRA to address the skills gaps that exist in SA.

To identify participants for youth development programmes, the GCRA has developed an Unemployment Database. It has a pool of skilled and semi-skilled youth between the ages of 18 and 35 who are unemployed and are not currently studying at any learning institution.​

Placement opportunities from GCRA are available from various GPG departments, municipalities, government agencies and the private sectors. Interviews are used as criteria to select best candidates.

For more information:

Visit GCRA Offices:  
17 Diagonal Street
5th Floor

Website: gcracademy.gpg.gov.za​
​Tel: +27 11 556 9000

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