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​​​Disability Policy


The Gauteng Government has made significant progress towards improving the lives of people with disabilities through including them in its programmes of development.
Over the years, our government remained committed to making Gauteng a better place for people with disabilities through initiatives aimed at: Empowering people with disabilities with skills, employment and support through the social grants system; Ensuring that all government services are accessible to people with disabilities; Providing equipment such as wheel chairs and hearing aids; and Protecting and promoting the rights of people with disabilities. We, as a government, remain committed to the attainment of the 2% target of People with Disabilities employed in the Gauteng government. We are taking proactive steps to ensure that job seekers with disabilities are registered on the database of employment seekers and that this database is used by provincial government departments to improve compliance with Employment Equity targets. Through the Gauteng Enterprise Propeller, further attention will be given to the promotion of businesses and cooperatives owned by people with disabilities.

The Provincial Government further recognises that:​

  • The needs of people with disabilities have been seen as a merely health or welfare issue;
  • These needs require to be approached from a human rights and developmental perspectives;
  • All cultures have cultural and customary practices that have and still do subject many people with disabilities to gross neglect and discrimination within the private and public spheres;
  • A disability rights policy has to be developed together with people with disabilities in the spirit of 'nothing about us without us'

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