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Media Advisory (Education Roadmap 2019-2024) 13 June 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/06/13
MEC Maile on the alleged Gauteng official involved in illegally accessing offices with ARP files under investigation.pdf22 KB Human Settlements20192019/06/06
Help on the way for Alexandra destitute.pdf211 KB Human Settlements20192019/06/03
MEC Maile says no to shacks built on illegally occupied land!.pdf171 KB Human Settlements20192019/05/31
Statement by Premier David Makhura on the adjustments in the Executive Council.pdf138 KB Office of the Premier20192019/05/31
Statement by Gauteng Premier David Makhura on the appointment of the Executive Council.doc316 KB Office of the Premier20192019/05/30
Media Statement (Online Learner Applications) 28 May 2019.pdf101 KB Education20192019/05/28
Democracy has also arrived at my door step – pensioner.pdf458 KB Human Settlements20192019/05/02
Thirty percent of the human settlements budget must be shifted to infrastructure.pdf373 KB Human Settlements20192019/05/01
Media Statement (Online application to go live on the 13 May 2019.pdf218 KB Education20192019/04/30
MEC Moiloa hands out more houses in Kagiso ext. 13.pdf226 KB Human Settlements20192019/03/26
Department of human settlements welcomes Nelmapius court order.pdf218 KB Human Settlements20192019/04/24
MEC Moiloa calls for conversation with banking institutions.pdf227 KB Human Settlements20192019/04/21
MEC Uhuru Moiloa calls for calm in Rus-ter-vaal following death of two people.pdf599 KB Human Settlements20192019/04/10
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to handover walkway at Driehoek) 18 April 2019.pdf145 KB Education20192019/04/18
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Launches Kwa-Thema Skills School of Specialisation) 18 April 2019.pdf151 KB Education20192019/04/18
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch Kwa Thema Shool of Specalisation) 16 April 2019.pdf149 KB Education20192019/04/16
Media Statement (MEC Discourages Schools Disruption) 16 April 2019.pdf145 KB Education20192019/04/16
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi condemns the SGB and Community for closing school) 15 April 2019.pdf153 KB Education20192019/04/15
Gauteng Human Settlements spends 97 percent of grants.pdf466 KB Human Settlements20182019/03/31
Contractors must pay subcontractors and employees on time to avoid delays in projects.pdf380 KB Human Settlements20182019/04/03
Mayor Mashaba is ignorant says MEC Moiloa.pdf372 KB Human Settlements20182019/04/10
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Visit Freedom Park Secondary School) 12 April 2019.pdf103 KB Education20192019/04/12
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to introduce RCLs to their  roles and responsibilities) 11 April 2019 (003) (002).pdf150 KB Education20192019/04/11
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Launches Soshanguve Technical Secondary School of Specialisation ) 09 April 2019.pdf154 KB Education20192019/04/09
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Launch Soshanguve Engineering School of Specialisation) 05 April 2019 (003).pdf152 KB Education20192019/04/05
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Hands over  Julius Sebolai Primary School) 03 April 2019.pdf177 KB Education20192019/04/03
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi celebrates World Autism Day) 02 April 2019.pdf151 KB Education20192019/04/02
Premier Makhura to unveil new train manufacturing facility in Boksburg.pdf176 KB Office of the Premier20192019/04/01
Gauteng adopts two historic bills to combat corruption and build an intergrated public transport system.pdf163 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/31
Premier Makhura on Alleluia Ministries and its Pastor.pdf218 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/26
Gauteng Government acts on higher learning infrastructure and students accommodation.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/26
Gauteng Government to Break New Ground for UNISA Learning Centre.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/25
New Combi-Court Sports Facility for Evaton West Community.pdf71 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20192019/03/20
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to visit Glenview Primary School) 02 April 2019 (3).pdf104 KB Education20192019/04/02
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Handover Julius Sebolai Primary School) 29 March 2019.pdf148 KB Education20192019/03/29
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch Autism Month) 28 March 2019 (003) (3).pdf114 KB Education20192019/03/28
Premier Makhura returns to Hammaskraal.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/05
Apology by MEC Mazibuko to the people of Gauteng.pdf177 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/14
Premier Makhura to officially handover new facilities at Kagiso Secondary School.pdf178 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/14
Premier David Makhuras Statement on the utterances of MEC Faith Mazibuko.pdf180 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/15
Gauteng Government to terminate BOSASA contracts.pdf194 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/16
Premier Makhura to engage the creative industry.pdf177 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/20
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to handover New facilities at Kagiso Secondary School) 14 March 2019.pdf103 KB Education20192019/03/14
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi hands over learners licenses to Grade 11 learners) 14 March 2019.pdf152 KB Education20192019/03/14
City of Joburg and city of Tshwane fail to spend, contract and account on human settlement developments.pdf455 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/22
Gogo Lydia receives a title deed in the comfort of her own home.pdf442 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/03
More than 70000 homes built for Gauteng citizens.pdf397 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/19
MEC concerned by continuous hardships faced by Setjwetla residents.pdf208 KB Human Settlements20192019/03/08
Reduction of HSDG grant to city of Joburg regrettable.pdf222 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/18
MEC Moiloa calls out EFF and DA to clarify its position on expropriation of land.pdf366 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/26
Gauteng Human Settlements improves on spending budget- Moiloa.pdf479 KB Human Settlements20192019/03/13
Media Statement (Mondeor High School) 13 March 2019.pdf148 KB Education20192019/03/13
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch the K53 Learner License) 13 March 2019 (3).pdf103 KB Education20192019/03/13
Media Statement (Crystal Park High School) 11 March 2019.pdf156 KB Education20192019/03/11
Media Statement ( GDE outraged by another learner rape allegations at Reiger Park) 07 March 2019 (002).pdf151 KB Education20192019/03/07
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Opens Marotola Primary School) 06 March 2019.pdf153 KB Education20192019/03/06
Media Advisory (Opening of Morotola Primary School) 05 March 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/03/05
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi addresses FONS LUMINUS learners on rape) 05 March 2019 (2) (3).pdf103 KB Education20192019/03/05
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi officially opens Mayfield Primary ) 01 March 2019.pdf126 KB Education20192019/03/01
Media Statement (Dismissal of Bryanston High School Educator) 01 March 2019.pdf147 KB Education20192019/03/04
Media Advisory (Opening of Julius Sebolai Primary School) 21 February 2019 (2).pdf156 KB Education20182019/02/21
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Launches Mohloli Secondary School of Specialisation) 28 February 2019.pdf166 KB Education20192019/02/28
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch Maritime Science in Sharpeville ) 28 February 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/03/28
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Address Cyber Bullying and Inaugurate  RCLs ) 22 February 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/03/22
Gauteng Premier David Makhura to deliver State of the Province Address.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20182019/02/18
MEC Mazibuko saddened by the passing of mmeDorothy Masuka.pdf120 KB Office of the Premier20182019/02/25
Media Statement  (Shooting of a Dowerglen Secondary School Learner) 13 February 2019.pdf116 KB Education20182019/02/13
Media Advisory (Opening of Protea Glen Secondary School) 13 February 2019.pdf117 KB Education20192019/02/13
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi Meeting to discuss infrastructure maintenance in schools) 12 February  2019.pdf119 KB Education20182019/02/12
Media Statement (Update on Hoerskool Driehoek) 6 February 2019.pdf178 KB Education20192019/02/06
Media Statement (Department disturbed by allegations of sexual harasment -Valhalla Primary) 6 February 2019.pdf117 KB Education20192019/02/06
Media Statement (Disruption of learning and teaching at Eldos and break in at GE District Office) 28 January 2019.pdf187 KB Education20192019/01/28
Gauteng Department of Education achieves 87.92 percent in the 2018 NSC Examinations.pdf252 KB Education20192019/01/04
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to visit Menzi Primary School) 17 January  2019.pdf119 KB Education20192019/01/17
Media Statement (Break in at Menzi Primary) 15 January 2019.pdf196 KB Education20192019/01/15
Media Statement (Placement of learners) 15 January 2019.pdf182 KB Education20192019/01/15
Media Statement (Update on Admissions and Placement of Learners) 22 January 2019.pdf186 KB Education20192019/01/22
Media Statement (Gauteng Province Awards Bursaries to Top Learners) 24 January 2019.pdf281 KB Education20192019/01/25
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi visits President High School) 25 January 2019.pdf177 KB Education20192019/01/25
Innovative technology paramount for pupils’ development.pdf153 KB Human Settlements20182019/01/09
MEC Mazibuko visits Magalies Rural School.pdf136 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182019/01/10
Gauteng saddened by the passing of music icon Dan Tshanda.pdf122 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182019/01/10
Media Advisory (Gauteng Province is ready for the new academic year) 08 January 2019.pdf189 KB Education20182019/01/08
Media Advisory (Media Briefing State of readiness)  08 January  2019 (4).pdf117 KB Education20182019/01/07
Media Statement (State of Readiness for Schools Reopening) 8 January 2019.pdf303 KB Education20182019/01/08
Media Advisory (Matric Results announcement)  4 January  2019.pdf118 KB Education20182018/12/19
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi visiting Lewisham Primary - Educator assault by learner) 6 December 2018.pdf118 KB Education20182018/12/06
Media Statement (Parktown Boys Court Judgement on Water Polo Assistant) 29 November 2018.pdf131 KB Education20182018/11/29
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi participates in annual report debate) 28 November 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/11/28
Media Statement (2018 NSC Exam Final and Late Online Applications) 27 November 2018.pdf145 KB Education20182018/11/27
Media Statement (Fire at Rooseveldt High School) 23 November 2018 (1).pdf133 KB Education20182018/11/23
Media Statement (Laerskool Hermanstad for successfuly foiling a break in at the school) 22 November 2018.pdf131 KB Education20182018/11/22
MEC Creecy adds R1.9 billion to Gauteng budget to boost infrastrcuture spend and protect frontline services.doc135 KB Treasury20182018/11/15
MEC Creecy adds R1.9 billion to Gauteng budget to boost infrastrcuture spend and protect frontline services.pdf100 KB Treasury20182018/11/15
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi announcement on feeder zones ) 15 November 2018.pdf156 KB Education20182018/11/15
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi publishes feeder zones ) 14 November 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/11/14
Media Statement - GDE partnership with Honeywell - 09November2018.pdf149 KB Education20182018/11/09
Media Statement (Online Applications)  07 November 2018.pdf134 KB Education20182018/11/07
Media Statement - Update on Online Placement) 01 November 2018.pdf146 KB Education20182018/11/01
Media Advisory (Top Gauteng Educators Honoured) 31 October 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/11/01
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to brief media on  Admissions Placement) 31 October 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/10/31
Media Statement (Gauteng Educator arrested for bribery) 12 October 2018.pdf133 KB Education20182018/10/12
Media Statement (GDE working tirelessly to Place Learners)  22 October 2018 (2).pdf131 KB Education20182018/10/22
Media Statement (2018 NSC Exam Readiness) 19 October 2018.pdf140 KB Education20182018/10/19
Premier Makhura condemns attacks on AGSA official in Emfuleni Local Municipality_.pdf103 KB Office of the Premier20182018/10/16
Premier Makhura to visit Community Based Organisations sector in West-Rand.pdf48 KB Office of the Premier20182018/10/03
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to receive an award) 22 September 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/09/21
Media Statement ( MEC Lesufi acknowledges complaint by FFPLUS) 18 September 2018.pdf130 KB Education20182018/09/18
Media Statement (GDE saddened by the passing of learners at a Primary School in Katlehong ) 11 September 2018 (2).pdf135 KB Education20182018/09/11
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi closes Centauri Learning Centre ) 06 September 2018.pdf75 KB Education20182018/09/06
Media Statement  (Learner misconduct in schools) 10 September 2018.pdf134 KB Education20182018/09/10
Media Statement (GDE MEC condemns  the act of a firearm incident at Blue School) 12 September 2018).pdf131 KB Education20182018/09/12
Media Update (Eldos School Learner arrested for pointing gun at Teacher 13 September 2018)  doc.pdf132 KB Education20182018/09/13
MEC Mamabolo to brief media on latest developments following fire at Provincial Government building.pdf136 KB Office of the Premier20182018/09/06
Gauteng Provincial Government Heads of Department give feedback to employees regarding building safety and compliance.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20182018/09/10
Gauteng centralises its building safety function.pdf140 KB Office of the Premier20182018/09/07
Premier Makhura returns to Hammanskraal for feedback meeting.pdf387 KB Office of the Premier20182018/09/13
Gauteng Provincial Government assures the public of uninterrupted service delivery.pdf287 KB Office of the Premier20182018/09/11
MEC Maile and Executive Mayor Masina to launch Operation O Kae Molao this weekend.pdf157 KB Office of the Premier20182018/09/08
Media Statement (Extension of draft Amendment Regulationtion ) 03 September 2018.pdf148 KB Education20182018/09/03
MEC Maile to visit Soweto in the aftermath of attacks and looting of shops owned by foreign nationals.pdf154 KB Economic Development20182018/08/30
Gauteng Government concerned on attacks of foreign owned shops in Soweto.pdf262 KB Economic Development20182018/08/29
Partnership between government spheres key in rolling out services stands.pdf245 KB Human Settlements20182018/08/26
Gauteng to roll out service stands tomorrow.pdf390 KB Human Settlements20182018/08/19
Department commences with R55 sinkhole remedial repairs.pdf249 KB Roads and Transport20182018/08/22
Media Advisory  Erratum (MEC Lesufi to host Public Meetings for draft Amendments to Admissions) 21 - 30 August 2018.pdf77 KB Education20182018/08/21
Gauteng to host the Metropolis Annual Assembly.pdf180 KB Office of the Premier20182018/08/17
Roadworks on Malibongwe Drive completed on time.pdf253 KB Roads and Transport20182018/08/15
Address by MEC for COGTA and Human Settlements Dikgang Uhuru Moiloa.pdf245 KB Human Settlements20182018/08/14
Government meet with aggrieved Alexandra community representatives.pdf474 KB Human Settlements20182018/08/14
MEC Moiloa calls on Tshwane mayor to suspend the municipal manager.pdf389 KB Human Settlements20182018/08/14
MEC Vadi optimistic Gautrain strike will end soon.pdf399 KB Roads and Transport20182018/08/13
Gauteng to remember the 1956 Women’s March stalwarts.pdf255 KB Office of the Premier20182018/08/03
Media Statement (Online Applications Placement Status) 08 August 2018.pdf142 KB Education20182018/08/08
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to brief media on Online Admissions Placement ) 08 August 2018.pdf75 KB Education20182018/08/07
MEC Mazibuko to launch Womens Month programme.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20182018/08/03
MEC Moiloa on the closing of initiation schools in GP.pdf165 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018/08/03
MEC Vadi to regulate tow truck operations in Gauteng.pdf299 KB Roads and Transport20182018/08/02
MEC Vadi introduces Bill to set up the Gauteng Transport Authority.pdf399 KB Roads and Transport20182018/08/02
Gauteng to host Provincial Womens Day Celebrations.pdf181 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182018/08/02
Premier Makhura commits to the development and empowerment of women.pdf238 KB Office of the Premier20182018/08/01
The Department of Human Settlements welcomes a court decision to prevent illegal occupation of land at Ennerdale extension 9.pdf389 KB Human Settlements20182018/07/27
MEC Moiloa and minister Nkwinti met to resolve challenges in Sedibeng sewer network.pdf367 KB Human Settlements20182018/07/19
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch  Aviation Rhodesfield ) 31 July 2018 (003).pdf75 KB Education20182018/07/27
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to respond to Overvaal Constitutional Judgement)  27 July  2018.pdf74 KB Education20182018/07/27
Premier Makhura to visit the community of Hammanskraal.pdf125 KB Office of the Premier20182018/07/24
Restored Tolwane Bridge set to improve mobility, connect communities.pdf195 KB Roads and Transport20182018/07/19
Premier to honour Mandelas legacy by giving  back to the community.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20182018/07/17
MEC Moiloa lashes at Tshwane mayor for being dishonest on eviction order.pdf366 KB Human Settlements20182018/07/15
Public Advisory Notice - Temporary closure of Malibongwe Drive pushed forward.pdf253 KB Roads and Transport20182018/07/17
Premier Makhura Congratulates Gauteng Participants in Italy's Tri-Colour Games.pdf238 KB Office of the Premier20182018/07/15
MEC Dikgang Uhuru Moiloa to engage communities on Rapid Land Release.pdf243 KB Human Settlements20182018/07/11
Public Advisory Notice - Temporary closure of Malibongwe Drive.pdf254 KB Roads and Transport20182018/07/10
The Gauteng Provincial Government acts against financial mismanagement in the Food Banks programme.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20182018/07/09
MEC Creecy praises Open Tender system for saving government R1.2 billion.pdf317 KB Treasury20182018/06/26
MEC Lebogang Maile’s statement on the 105 Years of the Land Act of 1913.pdf202 KB Office of the Premier20182018/06/19
Biggest youth expo provides young minds with real work experience.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20182018/06/11
Premier Makhura announce details of Gauteng Provincial Governments Section 139 intervention for Emfuleni Local Municipality.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20182018/06/10
Opportunities Abound at Gauteng Youth Expo.pdf235 KB Office of the Premier20182018/06/09
MEC Vadi conducts site inspection of Vereeniging Taxi rank construction project.pdf247 KB Roads and Transport20182018/06/08
Gauteng Premier to hand over more than 2000 title deeds in Emfuleni Municipality.pdf44 KB Office of the Premier20182018/06/08
Gauteng Sport Awards Aims to Inspire the Next Generation.pdf325 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182018/06/07
Gauteng Youth Expo - Gauteng hosts fourth annual entrepreneurship and careers youth expo.pdf251 KB Office of the Premier20182018/06/05
MEC encourages participation to develop Anti-Corruption Strategy.pdf254 KB Roads and Transport20182018/06/05
CoGTA MEC Moiloa condemn vandalising and burning of state property.pdf200 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018/06/01
Makhura refers GDARDs alleged violation of supply chain management procedures to SIU.pdf244 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/30
GDE implores parents to heed the Online Admissions deadline.pdf209 KB Education20182018/05/24
Premier Makhura and MEC Moiloa to handover title deeds in Tshwane.pdf45 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/31
MEC Maile Refutes DA allegations of dishing out tenders to Mabe’s company.pdf204 KB Economic Development20182018/05/28
MEC applauds law enforcement officers' swift response in Atteridgeville.pdf243 KB Roads and Transport20182018/05/30
Sebokeng water treatment key to housing development for the South of Joburg.pdf396 KB Human Settlements20182018/05/29
MEC Vadi re-opens Tsakane taxi rank.pdf248 KB Roads and Transport20182018/05/25
MEC shuts down Tsakane taxi rank.pdf385 KB Roads and Transport20182018/05/22
MEC conducts oversight visits of R511 road projects following safety concerns.pdf387 KB Roads and Transport20182018/05/21
Gauteng Government hosted Kenyan delegation in Human Settlements.pdf364 KB Human Settlements20182018/05/17
Court asserts department’s right to lawful occupation of houses.pdf410 KB Human Settlements20182018/05/24
Gauteng Province to host one thousand Grade 10 to Grade 12 Girl children learners.pdf101 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/24
MEC Mamabolo unveils the multi-billion rand project portfolio to be delivered in the next 3 years.pdf250 KB Infrastructure Development20182018/05/21
Gauteng Government launches its ambitious programme to help monitor delivery of construction projects.pdf187 KB Infrastructure Development20182018/05/21
MEC Uhuru Moiloa urges Gauteng residents to be safety-conscious during the cold front.pdf161 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018/05/21
Premier Makhuras wishes Muslim Community a blessed Holy Month of Ramadan.pdf225 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/17
Ntirhisano to visit Johannesburg South.pdf45 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/17
CoGTA MEC Moiloa promises continued support from government for Amandebele ka Ndzundza.pdf204 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018/05/14
Gauteng Executive Council adopts a rapid land release approach to deal with the land question in the province.pdf157 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/16
Gauteng government calls for rapid land release.pdf235 KB Human Settlements20182018/05/13
Premier Makhura to meet German counterpart to discuss cooperation on education investment opportunities.pdf43 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/10
Gauteng Treasury terminates employment contract of the head of Gauteng Audit Services.pdf292 KB Treasury20182018/05/10
GDE Celebrates the Life and Times of Matthew Goniwe.pdf198 KB Education20182018/05/10
Gauteng strengthen bilateral cooperation with Germany.pdf205 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/11
Gauteng Maternal summit.pdf228 KB Health20182018/05/11
Ntirhisano- Premier Makhura visits Vosloorus.pdf156 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/09
Amandebele ka Ndzundza Annual General Meeting.pdf200 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018/05/09
Gauteng Treasury to investigate investments made with VBS Mutual Bank by the West Rand District Municipality.pdf194 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/08
Gauteng Province to launch Africa Investment Forum.pdf43 KB Office of the Premier20182018/05/07
All spheres of government should work together to serve the people – MEC MOILOA.pdf202 KB Human Settlements20182018/05/07
Amandebele ba Lebelo AGM Media Statement 21 April 2018.pdf206 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018/04/21
MEC Vadi strongly condemns the brutal killing of Taxify driver.pdf111 KB Roads and Transport20182018/05/04
MEC Moiloa calls for calm in Eldorado Park and neighbouring communities.pdf160 KB Human Settlements20182018/05/02
Department investigates alternative repair methods for R55 sinkhole.pdf382 KB Roads and Transport20182018/04/26
R90 million Bronkhorstspruit road project completed ahead of schedule.pdf253 KB Roads and Transport20182018/04/26
Ntirhisano to address service delivery concerns in Hammanskraal.pdf45 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/24
Gauteng government partners with SIU to fight corruption and restore integrity.pdf291 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/24
MEC Moiloa calls for communities to work with him.pdf254 KB Human Settlements20182018/04/23
Corruption maladministration under spotlight during the SIU consultative stakeholder meeting.pdf254 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/23
Khutsong to host Gauteng Freedom Day celebrations.pdf322 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/23
Gauteng government restores dignity by handing over title deeds in Devon.pdf235 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/20
Gauteng Premier to hand over title deeds in Devon.pdf98 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/19
Premier Makhura congratulates Makhaya on her appointment as Presidents economic advisor.pdf231 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/18
Makhura allays fears over e-tolls.pdf230 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/05
Premier David Makhura mourns the passing of Mama Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.pdf239 KB Office of the Premier20182018/04/04
Media Statement (144 124 Online Applications Received so far for 2019 Admissions) 16 April 2018.pdf180 KB Education20182018/04/16
media statement- K46 Project -Department's interventions bearing fruit.pdf338 KB Roads and Transport20172018/04/19
Publications for comments -Gauteng Transport Authority Bill - 2018.pdf396 KB Roads and Transport20182018/03/26
Call for public comments - Gauteng Transport Authority Bill -2018.pdf152 KB Roads and Transport20182018/03/26
R90 million rand project completed ahead of schedule.pdf253 KB Roads and Transport20182018/04/17
Media Statement (GDE Online Admission Application Opens 16 April) 12 April 2018.pdf208 KB Education20182018/04/12
MEC Mashatile calls for calm in Bekkersdal.pdf224 KB Human Settlements20172017/09/18
Gauteng department of human settlements to continue prosecuting those who sell land or houses.pdf236 KB Human Settlements20172017/09/07
Gauteng government plans to build over half million houses – MEC Mamabolo.pdf232 KB Human Settlements20172017/09/17
MEC Mashatile calls on Mooiplaas residents to allow development to start.pdf228 KB Human Settlements20172017/09/10
Daggafontein Mega Project to fight the in-formalisation of Ekurhuleni.pdf232 KB Human Settlements20172017/09/10
Elijah Barayi village brings hope in the economically depressed mining town of Carletonville.pdf225 KB Human Settlements20182018/02/13
3000 Title Deeds for Palm Ridge community.pdf218 KB Human Settlements20182018/02/26
Human Settlements remains resolute against land invasion.pdf228 KB Human Settlements20182018/02/26
Gauteng government to spend R10 billion in Rama City project.pdf259 KB Human Settlements20182018/02/15
GHS condemns social media messages calling for people with housing problems to take them to a political party.pdf273 KB Human Settlements20182018/03/08
Days of despair are over for housing beneficiary who uses a wheelchair.pdf232 KB Human Settlements20182018/03/27
Premier Makhura visits Midvaal following a tornado that hit certain parts of the area.pdf152 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/12
Gauteng mourns death of struggle stalwart Lallo Chiba approved.pdf231 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/09
The Life Esidimeni Arbitration will break off until January 2018.pdf256 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/08
Premier Makhura meets with Mayors to discuss state of the Gauteng Economy.pdf171 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/08
Makhura to brief media on outcomes of Premiers Coordinating Forum meeting.pdf321 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/08
Youth at the cutting edge of fourth industrial revolution- Premier Makhura.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/07
Gauteng province leads in intra- Africa trade.pdf235 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/07
Gauteng government steps up efforts in the fight against corruption.pdf230 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/07
No one must escape accountability in the Life Esidimeni tragedy- Premier Makhura.pdf233 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/07
Gauteng Health to launch Thuthuzela care centre.pdf221 KB Health20172017/12/06
Department to issue special festive season interprovincial permits.pdf277 KB Roads and Transport20172017/11/28
Premier Makhura delivers political report to Legislature.pdf229 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/06
Gauteng health to commemorate World Aids Day.pdf71 KB Health20172017/11/29
Gauteng commemorates International Day of Persons with Disabilities.pdf156 KB Office of the Premier20172017/12/01
MEC Ramokgopa launches the first Gauteng GP Care Cell.pdf127 KB Health20172017/11/30
Gauteng Health terminate the contract of a striking security company.pdf220 KB Health20172017/11/27
MEC Ramokgopa speaks during the burial of unclaimed bodies.pdf210 KB Health20172017/11/24
Government announces high-level intervention team to coordinate recovery plan for Gauteng Department of Health.pdf182 KB Health20172017/11/27
Gauteng Health MEC demands stability at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.pdf222 KB Health20172017/11/27
Gauteng Provincial Executives to announce a team of experts to strengthen Gauteng Health management and systems.pdf242 KB Health20172017/11/26
Charlotte Maxeke unknown bodies to be laid to rest on Thursday.pdf220 KB Health20172017/11/21
Gauteng Provincial Government to launch 16 Days of Activism campaign.pdf98 KB Community Safety20172017/11/23
Premier Makhura announces members of Ethics and Anti-corruption Advisory Panel.pdf256 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/21
Corruption an enemy of socio-economic development and transformation.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/21
Gauteng Health Department to strengthen management and systems.pdf142 KB Health20172017/11/20
Gauteng Government to host the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Indaba.pdf269 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/19
Michael Sachs set to join the Gauteng Provincial Government.pdf216 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/18
MEC Ramokgopa gives a preliminary report on the M1 South incident.pdf214 KB Health20172017/11/17
Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic hospital to receive high-tech machine.pdf307 KB Health20172017/11/16
Gauteng puts a payment plan in place to settle all outstanding payments to suppliers.pdf261 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/16
Reports that MEC Maile snubbed a Scopa sitting are false.pdf116 KB Economic Development20172017/11/15
Gauteng Health Department regrets an incident which led to delay of paupers burials.pdf224 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/15
Gauteng Provincial Government to host the Labour Relations Summit.pdf101 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/14
Distribution of medicines closer to patients yields positive results in Gauteng.pdf248 KB Health20172017/11/14
Life Esidimeni Arbitration hearings.pdf308 KB Office of the Premier20172017/11/13
Statement by Lebogang Maile in relation to the status of Gauteng Liquor Board (GLB) and Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB).pdf216 KB Economic Development20172017/11/06
MEC Creecy presents Gautengs Mini Budget.pdf309 KB Treasury20172017/11/13
MEC Ramokgopa to vist Heidelberg hospital.pdf92 KB Health20172017/11/09
Public-private partnership leads to opening of a cataract surgery in Lenasia South (3).pdf165 KB Health20172017/11/08
MEC Ramokgopa shocked by the burning of Sicelo Healthcare facility.pdf131 KB Health20172017/11/07
e-Government scoops two innovation awards.pdf264 KB e-Government20172017/11/02
Media Release SAESI Conference (2).docx106 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20172017/11/03
Ambassadors to enhance usage of digital services.pdf168 KB e-Government20172017/10/30
MEC Ramakgopa to assess situation at Thelle Mogoerane hospital.pdf198 KB Health20172017/11/02
Mental health stakeholder’s converge at Gallagher estate.pdf228 KB Health20172017/11/01
Gauteng Provincial Government puts measures in place to curb fruitless and wasteful expenditure.pdf222 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/31
MEC Mamabolo commits to reclaiming government buildings.pdf162 KB Infrastructure Development20172017/10/31
Law enforcement and victim support key in fighting sexual offences against girl learners.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/31
MEC Mamabolo hands over revamped Jeppe Clinic to MEC Ramokgopa.pdf180 KB Health20172017/10/30
Gauteng health to host mental health summit.pdf264 KB Health20172017/10/31
Amandebele ba Lebelo hold their cultural celebration.pdf103 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20172017/10/27
Statement by the Gauteng Provincial Government on the Life Esidimeni Alternative Dispute Resolution Process.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/30
Premier Makhura to lead OR Tambo wreath laying ceremony.pdf149 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/26
Gauteng Forensic Medical Services to visit Ekurhuleni School for the Deaf.pdf164 KB Health20172017/10/18
Gauteng health MEC visit Sterkfontein hospital to assess storm damage.pdf221 KB Health20172017/10/12
GPG Employees to commemorate Mental Health Month.pdf220 KB Health20172017/10/09
MEC Mamabolo and MEC Ramokgopa to brief media on Gauteng’s new strategy on maintenance of hospitals.pdf227 KB Health20172017/10/05
Gauteng health’s plan to mitigate challenges observed by Bheki Mlangeni district hospital.pdf246 KB Health20172017/10/02
Gauteng health hosts open day at Weskoppies hospital.pdf207 KB Health20172017/10/02
Merafong avoids power cuts by Eskom as a result of provincial government's intervention.pdf303 KB Treasury20172017/10/26
Gauteng Zindala Zombili to Celebrate O.R Tambo in Traditional Style.pdf202 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20172017/10/26
Gauteng Health Executives visit Thelle Mokgoerane Hospital to assess the situation.pdf223 KB Health20172017/09/26
Finance MEC to launch a public participation process for next years budget.pdf306 KB Treasury20172017/10/25
Trade and Investment opportunities take centre stage at South Africa-Italy Summit.pdf315 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/24
Gauteng Health pays highest amount to short temporary incapacity applications.pdf244 KB Health20172017/10/24
Tembisa Tertiary hospital performs 8274 surgeries in 8 months.pdf152 KB Health20172017/10/24
Gauteng Health settles Community Health Care Workers payments.pdf165 KB Health20172017/10/24
Gauteng Provincial Government signs MoU with Erongo Region.pdf221 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/24
MEC Mazibuko praises Supersport Unitied FC for CAF Confederation Cup final.pdf197 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20172017/10/24
Gauteng Provincial Government to host the South Africa-Italy summit.pdf164 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/23
Gauteng Provincial Government to honour OR Tambo through sport.pdf184 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20172017/10/23
Life Esidimeni arbitration.pdf257 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/20
Premier Makhura hands over high performance vehicles to police to reduce crime in Gauteng.pdf206 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/20
Premier Makhura to handover new police cars.pdf94 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/19
Media Invitation- Conference on economic costs of disasters.pdf505 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20172017/10/19
Makhura appoints special committee to deal with sexual abuse in schools.pdf253 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/19
Ntirhisano to respond to service delivery concerns in Midvaal.pdf101 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/18
Gauteng to host Commuter Rail Summit.pdf283 KB Roads and Transport20172017/10/16
Disaster management and other emergency personnel come to aid of disaster victims.pdf254 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20172017/10/10
Ekurhuleni's Harambee BRT to commence next week.pdf224 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/16
Government to declare parts of Gauteng disaster areas following severe storm.pdf286 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/11
Gauteng government partnership with GE to advance economic development.pdf286 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/13
MEC Mashatile launches a R35 billion John Dube City Mega Project.pdf232 KB Human Settlements20172017/10/11
Gauteng invests R48 million towards P-243 Road upgrade.pdf259 KB Roads and Transport20172017/10/10
Gauteng government marks World Mental Health Day.pdf235 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/09
The Gauteng Advisory Panel on Socio-economic Impact of E-tolls to hold consultations.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20142014/08/08
Gauteng to host Provincial Social Cohesion Summit.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20142014/08/18
Gauteng Advisory Panel on Socio-economic Impact of E-tolls begins consultations.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20142014/08/25
Gauteng Premier David Makhura engages the Banking Council of South Africa.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20142014/08/27
Public-Private-Partnership gives birth to Diepsloot SMME Incubation Hub.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20142014/08/28
Makhura pays surprise visit to Sebokeng hospital.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20142014/09/09
Statement on the meeting of the Gauteng Executive Council 2014.pdf195 KB Office of the Premier20142014/09/10
Gauteng Premier to open Boipatong Memorial at Heritage Day celebrations.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20142014/09/19
The Gauteng Premier's Coordinating Forum facilitates a coordinated solution to the water problem in Gauteng.pdf109 KB Office of the Premier20142014/09/29
Gauteng convenes Province-Wide Summit with Township Entrepreneurs.pdf110 KB Office of the Premier20142014/10/02
Premier Makhura condemns the delay tactics in the inquiry into the Grayston Bridge Collapse.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/08
Life Esidimeni arbitration process commences.pdf119 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/06
Premier Makhura pays tribute to teachers.pdf230 KB Office of the Premier20172017/10/05
Gauteng Churches want government to account.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20142014/10/20
Gauteng welcomes SANRAL's decision to make its submission to e-toll advisory panel.pdf85 KB Office of the Premier20142014/10/23
Mayathula-Khoza to act against Flawed tender award.pdf85 KB Office of the Premier20142014/10/31
Premier David Makhura to attend the funeral service of Mbulaeni Mulaudzi in Limpopo.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20142014/10/31
Gauteng Premier Makhura engages the Tamil Federation.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20142014/11/05
Gauteng to host Provincial Housing Lekgotla to accelerate housing delivery.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20142014/11/06
MEC Lesufi shocked at double standards on corruption.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20142014/11/20
Sheriff's visit to Gauteng Health.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20142014/11/21
Count down to the Nelson Mandela Remembrance Walk.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20142014/11/27
Gauteng Government concerned about inaccurate media reporting on e-Toll report.pdf180 KB Office of the Premier20142014/12/01
Premier David Makhura receives e-Tolls advisory panel's report.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20142014/12/01
Premier Makhura gives hope to 500 000 job seekers.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20142014/12/09
Premier Makhura welcomes sentencing of serial rapist.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20142014/12/15
Media statement Gauteng Mourns passing of Mrs Caroline Motsoaledi.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20142014/12/24
Premier David Makhura congratulates the Class of 2014.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20152015/01/06
Media Advisory Gauteng Government to release E-Tolls advisory panel report.pdf176 KB Office of the Premier20152015/01/14
Statement of the Gauteng PEC on the report of the Advisory Panel on Impact of GFIP and eTolls.pdf87 KB Office of the Premier20152015/01/15
Summary of recommendations made by the Advisory Panel.pdf171 KB Office of the Premier20152015/01/15
Gauteng Premier mourns the passing of former SAPS National Commissioner Jackie Selebi.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/01/24
Gauteng Premier Makhura meets foreign shop owners.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20152015/01/25
Gauteng Premier extends condolences on the passing of Simba Mhere.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20152015/02/02
Gauteng Provincial Government appoints new Director General.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/02/03
Premier David Makhura concerned about the incidents of racism in Gauteng schools.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/02/03
Gauteng Government meets stakeholders on the e-toll Advisory Panel report.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/02/04
Gauteng leads world talks on energy solutions.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20152015/02/16
MEC Vadi to officially open the rehabilitated Quagga Road.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20152015/02/16
Gauteng Social Cluster Media Statement on the State of the Province Address.pdf202 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/05
MEC Vadi brokers peace deal with warring taxi groups.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/05
Gauteng Convenes Farmers, Banks, Food Retailers for Agro-Processing Summit.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/11
Gauteng Premier mourns the passing of Minister Collins Chabane and his protectors.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/16
Gauteng congratulates new Miss South Africa.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/28
Makhura welcomes conviction, sentencing in Luke Tibbetts murder case.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/28
Gauteng health fires qualification fraudsters.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/30
MEC Lesufi to Visit learners and teachers participating in the SSIP holiday classes.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20152015/03/30
MEC Lesufi to participate in World Autism Awareness Day.pdf184 KB Education20152015/04/01
Over 12 000 SGB members in Gauteng to be inaugurated.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/04/16
Gauteng condemns xenophobia attacks on foreign nationals.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20152015/04/17
MEC Lesufi to brief members of the media on decision to close Roodepoort Primary School.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20152015/04/17
Premier David Makhura welcomes the arrests of the alleged xenophobic attackers.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20152015/04/20
Gauteng joins forces with civil society in the fight against xenophobia.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20152015/04/22
Gauteng Premier shocked by Denver train accident.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/04/29
Head of Gauteng Finance dismissed for financial misconduct, faces possible criminal charges.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/05/05
Makhura pays tribute to struggle stalwart, Dr Ruth Mompati.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/05/12
GDE to install 88 000 tablets with additional security features.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20152015/05/15
Gauteng Provincial Government to host Interfaith Prayer Day.pdf199 KB Office of the Premier20152015/05/21
Premier Makhura, MEC Vadi to visit violence torn Mamelodi.pdf7 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/03
Gauteng cabinet face to face with the youth.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/09
Gauteng Infrastructure Investment Conference postponed for July.pdf86 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/09
Gauteng government warns against a job scam.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/15
Premier Makhura to deliver Budget Vote speech for the 2015-16 financial year.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/15
Youth must be main drivers in Gauteng’s new economy- Makhura.pdf276 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/18
MEC Lesufi to brief media on his decision on Curro Roodeplaat.pdf180 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/25
MEC Nkosi-Malobane to brief media on state of safety in the province.pdf6 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/25
MEC Lesufi to Launch Focus Week for Special School Educators.pdf103 KB Office of the Premier20152015/06/30
MEC Panyaza Lesufi to participate in the Social Cluster Imbizo.pdf104 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/01
Government engages with Mamelodi stakeholders on Autopax bus disruptions.pdf104 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/03
Gauteng Premier David Makhura concludes official visit to Portugal.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/07
Gauteng government appeals to commuters, taxi associations to obey rule of law.pdf112 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/09
Gauteng Government hosts inaugural Infrastructure Investment Conference.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/09
MEC Lesufi to Brief Media on the State of Readiness for the Final NSC Examination.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/16
Makhura hosts Deputy Minister from the State of Lower Saxony, Germany.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/19
Media Statement on the Extended Gauteng Executive Council Lekgotla 19- 21 October 2015.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/20
Gauteng Government hosts Peace Cultural Festival.pdf108 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/21
Gauteng government set to collaborate with German’s state on renewable energy.pdf267 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/21
2015-10-21 Statement on the meeting of the Gauteng Executive Council 2015.pdf114 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/21
GDE to host Admissions Open Day.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/22
Gauteng Exco’s Ntirhisano roadshow visits Sedibeng.pdf169 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/26
Premier Makhura wishes Class of 2015 luck.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/26
Gauteng hosts ICT Summit.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/28
Gauteng ICT Summit a step in the right direction.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20152015/11/02
Premier Makhura extends warm greetings and best wishes to all who celebrate Diwali.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/11/10
Fact Sheet - Adjustment Budget.pdf203 KB Office of the Premier20152015/11/17
Gauteng Premier discharged from the Bertha Gxowa Hospital.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20152015/11/17
MEC Creecy presents budget that responds to people’s needs.pdf271 KB Office of the Premier20152015/11/17
Gauteng City Region hosts family fun day at Rhodes Park.pdf83 KB Office of the Premier20152015/12/03
Gauteng EMS gets a shot in the arm with purchase of 82 ambulances.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20152015/12/04
Gauteng Premier visits Hammanskraal to assess service delivery.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/10
Statement on the Meeting of the Gauteng Executive Council.pdf195 KB Office of the Premier20152015/12/09
Premier Makhura, taxi leadership, commuter organisations agree to restore peace in Mamelodi.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/10
Premier Makhura’s 2015 Festive Season message.pdf268 KB Office of the Premier20152015/12/17
Business pledge support to Gauteng’s Infrastructure plan.pdf267 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/16
Infrastructure development is the lifeblood of economic and social transformation.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/16
MEC Panyaza Lesufi to release the 2015 National Senior Certificate Results.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/01/05
Gauteng Infrastructure Investment Conference closes on a high note.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/17
Liberation stalwart Indres Naidoo gets a Special Provincial Official Funeral.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20162016/01/07
Makhura wishes a speedy recovery to train accident victims.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/19
Gauteng Government condemns fake Facebook accounts.pdf177 KB Office of the Premier20162016/01/21
Roll-out of ICT in Gauteng schools in full swing.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/20
Meeting of the Gauteng Executive Council.pdf194 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/23
Gauteng Government hands over the remains of slain UJ student, Palesa Madiba to her family.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/01/24
Gauteng City Region unveils a month-long programme of action to empower women.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/29
The Bontle ke Botho – Gauteng’s clean and green campaign re-launched in Alexandra Township.pdf275 KB Office of the Premier20162016/01/25
Gauteng Intensifies Townships Businesses Registrations.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/02/01
MEC Lesufi to release findings of the Kutumela Molefi Forensic Report.pdf108 KB Office of the Premier20152015/07/30
Premier Makhura returns to Tshwane to assess service delivery.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/02/01
Gauteng celebrates Women’s Day.pdf192 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/05
Gauteng celebrates the spirit of township entrepreneurship.pdf193 KB Office of the Premier20162016/02/16
Gauteng government visits the community of Ekurhuleni to assess service delivery and engage communities.pdf109 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/06
Gauteng Premier to deliver State of the Province Address in Sebokeng.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/02/19
Gauteng government welcomes decision of the Municipal Demarcation Board on the West Rand.pdf101 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/07
Gauteng MECs to engage residents on Premier’s State of the Province Address.pdf324 KB Office of the Premier20162016/02/23
Premier David Makhura to lead night vigil against police killings.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/07
MEC Lesufi to meet ICT leaders to form partnerships in transforming education in Gauteng.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/02/24
Gauteng Premier welcomes life sentence imposed on Cuburne van Wyk’s killer.pdf268 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/08
Gauteng Provincial Budget 2016.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/01
Gauteng Government to host a dialogue on topical issues affecting women.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/11
Premier Makhura to host education imbizo at Roodepoort Primary.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/13
Premier Makhura welcomes the appointment of Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/03
MEC Lesufi and SAICA to launch SGB financial support project.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/14
Gauteng government hosts Conversation with Black Industrialists.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/16
Gauteng government conveys its condolences on the passing of Reggie Vandeyar.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/22
Gauteng to host International Conference on Gauteng Transport Authority.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/08
Gauteng Government to host Heritage Day breakfast at the Maropeng Cradle of Humankind.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/22
Gauteng Provincial government condemns fake Facebook account.pdf179 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/11
Gauteng government responds to service delivery blockages in West Rand.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/29
Premier Makhura to launch Anti-Racism movement on Human Rights Day.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/17
Human Rights Day 2016 commemorated in Sharpeville.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/20
New department to transform and modernise the public service.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/30
State of the Art On-line Library to be launched in Sharpeville.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/24
Gauteng Premier meets with the eminent group of Nation Building and Social Cohesion Champions.pdf193 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/29
Minister Peters, MEC Vadi to conduct site visit at the Gauteng Rail Nerve Centre.pdf84 KB 20152015/10/02
Gauteng Provincial Government SMS conference.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/29
Ntirhisano Community Outreach programme hits Soweto.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/05
Head of Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation placed on precautionary suspension.pdf83 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/13
Gauteng senior public servants recommit themselves to putting people first.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/03/31
Community and Government Join Forces to Act on Vandalism at Old Natalspruit Hospital.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/14
Makhura shocked by M1 highway temporary bridge collapse.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20152015/10/15
MEC Maile visits injured victims of Katlehong violent attacks.pdf107 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/04
Gauteng Social Cluster Media Briefing.pdf107 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/05
Gauteng government assesses service delivery in Ekurhuleni.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/18
Gauteng Premier David Makhura to unveil a statute of Bertha Gxowa.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/18
MEC Lesufi to brief the media on the current situation at Roodepoort Primary School.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/18
Ntirhisano Community Outreach programme in West Rand and Ekurhuleni.pdf192 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/12
Premier challenges black entrepreneurs to become industrialists.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/18
Premier Makhura continues Ntirhisano visit in West Rand.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/14
Gauteng Provincial Government to host the final leg of women’s month activities.pdf270 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/26
Gauteng celebrates Freedom Day.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/18
Gauteng Government condemns fake Facebook account.pdf178 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/28
Premier Makhura to brief media on outcomes of Gauteng AIDS Council.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/31
MEC Lesufi to update the media on state of the Online Learner Application process.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/18
Special provincial official funeral service for Mr Reggie Vandeyar.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/18
Premier David Makhura visits Germany and the UK to promote trade and investment.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/18
Statement by Acting Premier of Gauteng, Barbara Creecy, on the Online Learner Application System.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/21
Gauteng provincial government daily activity diary.pdf196 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/18
MEC Ismail Vadi to address transport congress in Dubai.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/23
Premier Makhura welcomes Roodepoort Primary School mediation committee report.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/04
Meeting of the Gauteng Executive Council 2015.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/17
Premier Makhura to visit Randfontein accident survivors and families of the deceased.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/04/29
Gauteng government offers support to girls in relationships with older men.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/17
MECs Mamabolo and Mazibuko to conduct site visit at Women’s Living Monument construction site.pdf269 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/03
Gauteng honours another struggle stalwart Selope Thema.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/10
Makhura to sign MoU in Italy.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/09
Premier David Makhura to receive Roodepoort Primary mediation committee report.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/03
Gauteng Reports Significant and Sustained Improvement in Financial Management.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/02
Premier Makhura to brief the media on audit outcomes for the 2014-2015 financial year.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20152015/08/31
Premier Makhura assesses service delivery, commemorates the Vaal uprisings.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20152015/09/01
Memorial service and funeral arrangements for the victims of the R41 road in Randfontein.pdf108 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/03
Gauteng hosts Ntirhisano Community Outreach programme in Hopefield.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/04
Gauteng government assesses service delivery in Johannesburg and West Rand.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/10
MEC Maile to engage investors on easing the cost of doing business in Gauteng.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/12
Premier Makhura to host African Diaspora Forum.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/12
African migrants must not be treated like strangers - Premier Makhura.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/13
Premier Makhura congratulates the City of Johannesburg on their Moody upgrade.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/13
Gauteng government condemns intimidation over Uber licences.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/16
Premier Makura to deliver a lecture on the role of African cities in industrial revolution.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/18
Premier David Makhura to deliver the Premier's Office Budget Vote.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/23
Governance and Planning Cluster reports on progress in implementing the TMR.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/24
Premier David Makhura takes part at Africa Day celebrations.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/24
Social Cluster reports on progress in implementing the TMR.pdf203 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/26
Economic Cluster reports on progress in implementing the TMR.pdf129 KB Office of the Premier20162016/05/27
Official launch of the 40th anniversary of June 16 uprising.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/06
Less plans more action - Economic Indaba told.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/08
MEC Mamabolo announces new partnership with Stats SA.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/09
Youth Employment at the centre of Economic Development Plan.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/09
Youth Expo kicks off the 40th anniversary of June 16 uprising.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/09
Government to Host Provincial Taxi Summit 2016.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/10
Gauteng Government hosts the inaugural June 16 memorial lecture.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/13
Premier Makhura hosts breakfast for the generation of ‘76.pdf266 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/13
Gauteng cabinet in conversation with young people.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/14
Stop destroying public property- youth told.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/14
Gauteng establishes single transport authority - Copy.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/23
Gauteng establishes single transport authority.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/23
Quality of Life Survey enables Gauteng to make informed policy decisions based on evidence.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/29
Gauteng appoints committee to clean up issues in taxi industry.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/06/30
Gauteng City Region hosts the 7th South African Planning Institute (SAPI) Planning Africa Conference 2016.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/01
Gauteng Provincial Government to launch mental health awareness month.pdf97 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/29
Makhura saddened by the tragic road incident.pdf230 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/28
SANTACO suspends march and strike action, summit scheduled for later this month.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/01
Premier Makhura to address the 7th South African Planning Institute Planning Africa Conference 2016.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/05
Premier David Makhura kick starts firm visits as part of Ntirhisano Outreach Programme.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/07
Gauteng Cleans-up Johannesburg Inner City for Mandela Day.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/14
Manufacturing comes under spotlight in Ekurhuleni.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/15
Makhura sends condolences to the family of Gugu Zulu.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/19
Gauteng government intervenes towards alleviating student accommodation backlog.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/22
Gauteng Government to host Provincial Taxi Summit.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/27
Gauteng Premier sends heartfelt condolences to the family of the late Limpopo MEC Joy Matshoge.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/27
Premier Makhura assesses extent of damage at tornado hit Tembisa.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/07/27
Gauteng Premier says tomorrow belongs to the voters.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/02
Premier Makhura briefs the media on local government elections outcomes.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/10
Gauteng to celebrate excellence within the Criminal Justice System.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/22
MEC Mamabolo to announce critical interventions to ensure service providers are paid within 30 days.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/22
Showcasing initiative and excellence through the Township Entrepreneurship Awards.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/22
Gauteng administration comes under scrutiny as the AG hands over the 2015-16 Audit outcomes.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/23
All Gauteng Departments attain unqualified audit opinion - a first in 13 years for the province.pdf194 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/24
Premier David Makhura to attend official opening of Tshimologong Precinct.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/08/31
Gauteng Premier to brief the media on land invasions.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/15
Gauteng welcomes investigation into deaths of Psychiatric patients.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/15
MECs Mamabolo and Mazibuko conduct a site inspection at the Kagiso Memorial and Recreational Centre.pdf85 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/15
Gauteng Premier David Makhura calls for firm action against land invasions.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/16
Makhura sends condolences to Mandoza family.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/18
Gauteng committed to paying for municipal services.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/19
Gauteng Government unveils elite team to address health maintenance backlog.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/20
Premier David Makhura to address members of the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI).pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/22
Premier Makhura meets business to address youth unemployment.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/22
Premier Makhura to address Heritage Day celebration events.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/23
Gauteng to sell all properties owned by government.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/27
Gauteng Health to refurbish Mortuaries across the province.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/28
Gauteng to launch the Provincial October Transport Month.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/28
Premier Makhura meets with Gauteng Metro Mayors.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/28
Gauteng continues to attract trade and investment.pdf376 KB Office of the Premier20162016/09/30
Gauteng eKasi ICT Summit.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/05
Vadi calls for arrests of Perpetrators of Pretoria bus arson attack.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/06
Premier Makhura wishes the class of 2016 good luck on their upcoming final exams.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/10
Open Tender Process improves public confidence in government.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/11
Premier Makhura congratulates councillor Tau on his election as President of the World Body of Local Government.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/16
Statement by Gauteng Premier David Makhura on the South Africa-Italy Summit.pdf200 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/18
Premier Makhura to host a dialogue with township entrepreneurs.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/19
Premier Makhura calls for revolution in financial sector.pdf193 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/20
Makhura congratulates Champions of Africa - Mamelodi Sundowns.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/24
Gauteng making progress towards settling municipal debt.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/25
Gauteng Premier wants stability within Automotive Industrial Development Company.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/25
Gauteng uses technology to improve services delivery.pdf194 KB Office of the Premier20162016/10/31
Invest in human resources for innovation to flourish- Makhura.pdf192 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/02
MEC Mamabolo hosts Botswana officials in Lutsinga Infrastructure House.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/06
Motorists warned to be on alert due to flash floods in Gauteng.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/09
SADC must work together to run modernised, industrialised economies.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/09
Acting Premier Paul Mashatile to visit areas affected by flash floods in Gauteng.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/10
Gauteng Provincial Government and municipalities attend to flash floods.pdf85 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/10
Gauteng Provincial Government attends to needs of displaced Alexandra residents.pdf182 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/10
Parts of Gauteng affected by flash floods to be declared disaster areas.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/11
Gauteng Treasury wins big at Batho Pele awards.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/12
Statement by Gauteng Premier David Makhura at the 6th All Africa Business Leaders Awards Finale.pdf201 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/12
Makhura instructs Service Delivery War Room to track resolutions of petitions.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/15
Premier Makhura concerned over monies owed to Health Department.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/15
Gauteng committed to ending feud between Uber driver partners and metered taxis.pdf179 KB Roads and Transport20172017/09/17
President Zuma and Premier Makhura to visit flash flood victims in Alexandra Township.pdf185 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/15
Gauteng government declares disaster areas and prioritises the vulnerable and displaced.pdf190 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/16
Gauteng prioritises health, education and infrastructure.pdf188 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/22
Gauteng war on waste is saving the province millions.pdf269 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/22
Premier Makhura welcomes Gauteng Jobs growth.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/22
Mandela Remembrance Walk, Sunday, 11 December.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/23
Interventions at the Gauteng Department of Sport Arts Culture and Recreation.pdf196 KB Office of the Premier20162016/11/25
Gauteng government and police commit to ending violence against children.pdf84 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/01
Gauteng committed to dealing with child abuse.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/02
It is count down to the Gauteng Mandela Remembrance Walk.pdf270 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/02
Premier Makhura delivers Political Report.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/03
Gauteng driving positive change in township economy.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/05
Gauteng gives hope to young people through employment opportunities.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/05
Gauteng continues to promote clean governance.pdf189 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/06
Premier to meet families of psychiatric patients who were transferred from Life Esidimeni.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/06
Makhura and Mayors commit to work together in building an integrated city region.pdf192 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/08
Makhura urges Mayors to work together in building an integrated city region.pdf192 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/08
Premier David Makhura to have lunch with older persons.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/13
Gauteng Provincial Government condemns fraudulent emails and social media.pdf179 KB Office of the Premier20162016/12/15
Premier Makhura welcomes Liquor Board decision to withdraw trading times relaxation.pdf267 KB Office of the Premier20172017/01/04
Gauteng calls for entries for the 2017 Gauteng Premier’s Service Excellence Awards.pdf276 KB Office of the Premier20172017/01/16
Premier Makhura sends condolences to Lundi Tyamara family.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20172017/01/27
MEC For Health, Ms Qedani Mahlangu has resigned over patients deaths.pdf85 KB Office of the Premier20172017/02/01
Statement by Gauteng Premier on the report of the Health Ombuds.pdf192 KB Office of the Premier20172017/02/01
High level task team visits NGOs to for prepare for the transfer of remaining patients.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20172017/02/02
Premier Makhura pays tribute to rugby legend Joost van der Westhuizen.pdf186 KB Office of the Premier20172017/02/06
Update on the implementation of the recommendations of the Health Ombuds.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20172017/02/06
Gauteng City Region takes Ntirhisano back to the Westrand.pdf104 KB Office of the Premier20172017/08/28
Justice Moseneke to brief media on alternative dispute resolution process for Life Esidimeni families (1).pdf102 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/10
Makhura sends a strong message to government departments to maintain their facilities.pdf235 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/14
Makhura welcomes the commencement of the Life Esidimeni Alternative Dispute Resolution Process.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/13
MEC Mamabolo and lift manufacturers agree on strategy.pdf235 KB Infrastructure Development20172017/09/21
Campaign caring for public property inducts local ambassadors.pdf253 KB Infrastructure Development20172017/09/15
Premier Makhura to brief media on Gauteng's international relations programme.pdf196 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/14
Premier Makhura to launch the waste pickers project.pdf99 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/01
Press statement on the Life Esidimeni Alternative Dispute Resolution process.pdf280 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/13
Gauteng Department of Education is saddened by the tragic death a Grade 5 learner.pdf72 KB Education20172017/09/20
Gauteng Department of Education Condemns learner violence and disruption of the Klipspruit.pdf75 KB Education20172017/09/19
Precautionary suspensions served on Health Officials.pdf187 KB Office of the Premier20172017/02/08
Premier Makhura to lead Heritage Day celebrations in Tshwane.pdf179 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/22
Law Enforcement Measures to end the Violence between Uber and Metered Taxis.pdf43 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/15
Premier David Makhuras statement on the progress made as Gauteng Government achieves record clean audits.pdf336 KB Office of the Premier20172017/09/12
2014-01-07 Gauteng pass rate on the up and up.pdf188 KB
2014-01-08 Three spheres of government meet to discuss Kagiso community’s complaints.pdf268 KB
2013-12-11 Inter-faith Women’s Day of Prayer - Tribute to Tata Madiba.pdf271 KB
2013-12-12 Cultural groups to give Madiba a dignified send off.pdf190 KB
2013-12-08 Premier Mokonyane to outline Gauteng plans around the ten day mourning period of former President Nelson Mandela.pdf180 KB
2013-12-10 Gauteng road closures and Hotline.pdf192 KB
2013-12-07 Premier Mokonyane pays tribute to former President Nelson Mandela.pdf183 KB
2013-12-08 Gauteng State of Readiness_ 08 Dec 20136 (2).pdf305 KB
2013-11-29 Gauteng government assesses hailstorm damages.pdf184 KB
2013-11-29 Mokonyane congratulates police on Kempton Park drug bust.pdf185 KB
2013-12-04 Department clarifies concerns around exemptions for public transport operators.pdf84 KB
2013-11-27 MEC Vadi sends condolences to the Diepsloot taxi accident families.pdf183 KB
2013-11-28 Alternative routes to e-TOLLS.pdf198 KB
2013-11-26 Gauteng launches Transport Commission.pdf86 KB
2013-11-27 Confirmed rabies case in Sedibeng.pdf190 KB
2013-11-19 Gauteng gears up to host world champions.pdf184 KB
2013-11-25 Don’t Look Away Act against abuse.pdf266 KB
2013-11-12 Nomvula Mokonyane’s response to allegations.pdf264 KB
2013-11-14 Auditor General’s report notes the reduction in unauthorised expenditure in Gauteng.pdf265 KB
2013-11-01 DA’s Jack Bloom corruption tip-offs statement ‘misleading and inaccurate.pdf272 KB
2013-11-06 Gauteng government gives R80-billion Modderfontein property investment deal the thumbs-up.pdf186 KB
2013-11-12 Gauteng tackles unemployment through Zivuseni Reloaded .pdf192 KB
2013-10-31 MEC Qedani Mahlangu tackles maintenance woes at health facilities.pdf187 KB
2013-10-24 Gauteng wishes Matriculants well on upcoming exams.pdf183 KB
2013-10-29 Gauteng welcomes suspension of Bekkersdal protests, announces intervention measures.pdf191 KB
2013-10-31 Gauteng Premier condemns alleged xenophobic attacks in Duduza.pdf182 KB
2013-10-09 MEC condemns rape of a 47-year-old mentally ill woman.pdf182 KB
2013-10-17 Gauteng to honour Albertina Sisulu for her selflessness on her birthday weekend.pdf195 KB
2013-10-21 Friends, family and colleagues gather to share fond memories of Albertina Sisulu.pdf179 KB
2013-09-19 Gauteng Provincial Government brings joy to Rietvallei residents.pdf185 KB
2013-09-11 Let’s unite to make Gauteng a no-go province for child murderers – Mokonyane.pdf266 KB
2013-09-11 Mokonyane congratulates tennis ace, Lucas Sithole.pdf186 KB
2013-09-10 Gauteng’s strategy to speed up supplier payments paying off.pdf266 KB
2013-09-11 Gauteng Health Department gets new HOD.pdf188 KB
2013-08-13 Statement by Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane on the appointment of Timothy Nast.pdf182 KB
2013-08-19 Gauteng’s 25-year Integrated Transport Master Plan released.pdf210 KB
2013-09-04 High-level Chinese delegation concludes working visit to Gauteng.pdf188 KB
2013-08-07 Mokonyane sends condolences to family of former police commissioner.pdf267 KB
2013-08-13 Former mayor appointed new Gauteng Economic Development MEC.pdf187 KB
2013-08-05 Gauteng leads in economic development, jobs, youth empowerment and skills training.pdf193 KB
2013-08-06 Speakers Notes for The Gauteng Launch of Women's Month 2013.pdf219 KB
2013-07-25 MEC Kolisile lauded for advancing needs of SMMEs.pdf185 KB
2013-07-30 Tevin Campbell throws weight behind Gauteng’s anti-drug abuse efforts.pdf266 KB
2013-07-23 1913 Natives’ Land Act Exhibition at the Nasrec Expo Centre.pdf267 KB
2013-07-24 Gauteng mourns death of a legal giant, former Chief Justice Langa.pdf185 KB
2013-07-18 GDE welcomes new spokesperson.pdf182 KB
2013-07-21 Gauteng EXCO grieves the tragic death of MEC for Economic Development.pdf183 KB
2013-07-04 Premier Mokonyane condemns horrific attack on 11-year-old Soweto girl.pdf182 KB
2013-07-09 MEC Mazibuko condemns police conduct in Bianca Lamba’s case.pdf266 KB
2013-06-26 Department of Infrastructure Development disturbed by revelations of construction sector cartel behaviour.pdf180 KB
2013-07-01 Successful nose surgery show Gauteng still trailblazer on the medical front - Mokonyane.pdf183 KB
2013-07-02 Premier Mokonyane denounces senseless, killing of Ekurhuleni woman.pdf181 KB
2013-06-21 Premier applauds skills development initiative in Ennerdale.pdf184 KB
2013-06-18 Gauteng Premier saddened by death of top Gauteng cop.pdf182 KB
2013-05-23 Winterveldt youth to benefit from newly completed Township Enterprise Hub.pdf187 KB
2013-06-05 Gauteng Premier answers nyaope addict’s call for help.pdf268 KB
2013-05-19 Gauteng mourns the passing of legendary broadcaster Vuyo Mbuli.pdf185 KB
2013-05-23 Mbuli to be laid to rest at the Heroes’ Acre.pdf260 KB
2013-05-16 Gauteng EXCO welcomes StatsSA mid-year population estimates.pdf186 KB
2013-05-16 MEC Kolisile commits to accelerate youth targeted economic projects and skills training in Gauteng.pdf187 KB
2013-05-09 Vote for One Day Leader’s Ndumiso Hadebe – Mokonyane.pdf266 KB
2013-05-10 Construction of Magaliesburg Boarding School in its final stages.pdf185 KB
2013-05-13 Premeir Mokonyane and President Zuma to visit the drug-torn community Eldorado Park.pdf184 KB
2013-05-02 Jabulani Hospital to open only when all safety standards are met.pdf184 KB