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Media Statement (Update on Admissions and Placement of Learners) 22 January 2019.pdf186 KB Education20182019-01-22
Media Statement (Placement of learners) 15 January 2019.pdf182 KB Education20182019-01-15
Media Statement (Break in at Menzi Primary) 15 January 2019.pdf196 KB Education20182019-01-15
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to visit Menzi Primary School) 17 January  2019.pdf119 KB Education20182019-01-17
Innovative technology paramount for pupils’ development.pdf153 KB Human Settlements20182019-01-09
MEC Mazibuko visits Magalies Rural School.pdf136 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182019-01-10
Gauteng saddened by the passing of music icon Dan Tshanda.pdf122 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182019-01-10
Media Advisory (Gauteng Province is ready for the new academic year) 08 January 2019.pdf189 KB Education20182019-01-08
Media Advisory (Media Briefing State of readiness)  08 January  2019 (4).pdf117 KB Education20182019-01-07
Media Statement (State of Readiness for Schools Reopening) 8 January 2019.pdf303 KB Education20182019-01-08
Gauteng Department of Education achieves 87.92 percent in the 2018 NSC Examinations.pdf252 KB Education20182019-01-04
Media Advisory (Matric Results announcement)  4 January  2019.pdf118 KB Education20182018-12-19
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi visiting Lewisham Primary - Educator assault by learner) 6 December 2018.pdf118 KB Education20182018-12-06
Media Statement (Parktown Boys Court Judgement on Water Polo Assistant) 29 November 2018.pdf131 KB Education20182018-11-29
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi participates in annual report debate) 28 November 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018-11-28
Media Statement (2018 NSC Exam Final and Late Online Applications) 27 November 2018.pdf145 KB Education20182018-11-27
Media Statement (Fire at Rooseveldt High School) 23 November 2018 (1).pdf133 KB Education20182018-11-23
Media Statement (Laerskool Hermanstad for successfuly foiling a break in at the school) 22 November 2018.pdf131 KB Education20182018-11-22
MEC Creecy adds R1.9 billion to Gauteng budget to boost infrastrcuture spend and protect frontline services.doc135 KB Treasury20182018-11-15
MEC Creecy adds R1.9 billion to Gauteng budget to boost infrastrcuture spend and protect frontline services.pdf100 KB Treasury20182018-11-15
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi announcement on feeder zones ) 15 November 2018.pdf156 KB Education20182018-11-15
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi publishes feeder zones ) 14 November 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018-11-14
Media Statement - GDE partnership with Honeywell - 09November2018.pdf149 KB Education20182018-11-09
Media Statement (Online Applications)  07 November 2018.pdf134 KB Education20182018-11-07
Media Statement - Update on Online Placement) 01 November 2018.pdf146 KB Education20182018-11-01
Media Advisory (Top Gauteng Educators Honoured) 31 October 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018-11-01
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to brief media on  Admissions Placement) 31 October 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018-10-31
Media Statement (Gauteng Educator arrested for bribery) 12 October 2018.pdf133 KB Education20182018-10-12
Media Statement (GDE working tirelessly to Place Learners)  22 October 2018 (2).pdf131 KB Education20182018-10-22
Media Statement (2018 NSC Exam Readiness) 19 October 2018.pdf140 KB Education20182018-10-19
Premier Makhura condemns attacks on AGSA official in Emfuleni Local Municipality_.pdf103 KB Office of the Premier20182018-10-16
Premier Makhura to visit Community Based Organisations sector in West-Rand.pdf48 KB Office of the Premier20182018-10-03
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to receive an award) 22 September 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018-09-21
Media Statement ( MEC Lesufi acknowledges complaint by FFPLUS) 18 September 2018.pdf130 KB Education20182018-09-18
Media Statement (GDE saddened by the passing of learners at a Primary School in Katlehong ) 11 September 2018 (2).pdf135 KB Education20182018-09-11
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi closes Centauri Learning Centre ) 06 September 2018.pdf75 KB Education20182018-09-06
Media Statement  (Learner misconduct in schools) 10 September 2018.pdf134 KB Education20182018-09-10
Media Statement (GDE MEC condemns  the act of a firearm incident at Blue School) 12 September 2018).pdf131 KB Education20182018-09-12
Media Update (Eldos School Learner arrested for pointing gun at Teacher 13 September 2018)  doc.pdf132 KB Education20182018-09-13
MEC Mamabolo to brief media on latest developments following fire at Provincial Government building.pdf136 KB Office of the Premier20182018-09-06
Gauteng Provincial Government Heads of Department give feedback to employees regarding building safety and compliance.pdf184 KB Office of the Premier20182018-09-10
Gauteng centralises its building safety function.pdf140 KB Office of the Premier20182018-09-07
Premier Makhura returns to Hammanskraal for feedback meeting.pdf387 KB Office of the Premier20182018-09-13
Gauteng Provincial Government assures the public of uninterrupted service delivery.pdf287 KB Office of the Premier20182018-09-11
MEC Maile and Executive Mayor Masina to launch Operation O Kae Molao this weekend.pdf157 KB Office of the Premier20182018-09-08
Media Statement (Extension of draft Amendment Regulationtion ) 03 September 2018.pdf148 KB Education20182018-09-03
MEC Maile to visit Soweto in the aftermath of attacks and looting of shops owned by foreign nationals.pdf154 KB Economic Development20182018-08-30
Gauteng Government concerned on attacks of foreign owned shops in Soweto.pdf262 KB Economic Development20182018-08-29
Partnership between government spheres key in rolling out services stands.pdf245 KB Human Settlements20182018-08-26
Gauteng to roll out service stands tomorrow.pdf390 KB Human Settlements20182018-08-19
Department commences with R55 sinkhole remedial repairs.pdf249 KB Roads and Transport20182018-08-22
Media Advisory  Erratum (MEC Lesufi to host Public Meetings for draft Amendments to Admissions) 21 - 30 August 2018.pdf77 KB Education20182018-08-21
Gauteng to host the Metropolis Annual Assembly.pdf180 KB Office of the Premier20182018-08-17
Roadworks on Malibongwe Drive completed on time.pdf253 KB Roads and Transport20182018-08-15
Address by MEC for COGTA and Human Settlements Dikgang Uhuru Moiloa.pdf245 KB Human Settlements20182018-08-14
Government meet with aggrieved Alexandra community representatives.pdf474 KB Human Settlements20182018-08-14
MEC Moiloa calls on Tshwane mayor to suspend the municipal manager.pdf389 KB Human Settlements20182018-08-14
MEC Vadi optimistic Gautrain strike will end soon.pdf399 KB Roads and Transport20182018-08-13
Gauteng to remember the 1956 Women’s March stalwarts.pdf255 KB Office of the Premier20182018-08-03
Media Statement (Online Applications Placement Status) 08 August 2018.pdf142 KB Education20182018-08-08
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to brief media on Online Admissions Placement ) 08 August 2018.pdf75 KB Education20182018-08-07
MEC Mazibuko to launch Womens Month programme.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20182018-08-03
MEC Moiloa on the closing of initiation schools in GP.pdf165 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018-08-03
MEC Vadi to regulate tow truck operations in Gauteng.pdf299 KB Roads and Transport20182018-08-02
MEC Vadi introduces Bill to set up the Gauteng Transport Authority.pdf399 KB Roads and Transport20182018-08-02
Gauteng to host Provincial Womens Day Celebrations.pdf181 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182018-08-02
Premier Makhura commits to the development and empowerment of women.pdf238 KB Office of the Premier20182018-08-01
The Department of Human Settlements welcomes a court decision to prevent illegal occupation of land at Ennerdale extension 9.pdf389 KB Human Settlements20182018-07-27
MEC Moiloa and minister Nkwinti met to resolve challenges in Sedibeng sewer network.pdf367 KB Human Settlements20182018-07-19
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch  Aviation Rhodesfield ) 31 July 2018 (003).pdf75 KB Education20182018-07-27
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to respond to Overvaal Constitutional Judgement)  27 July  2018.pdf74 KB Education20182018-07-27
Premier Makhura to visit the community of Hammanskraal.pdf125 KB Office of the Premier20182018-07-24
Restored Tolwane Bridge set to improve mobility, connect communities.pdf195 KB Roads and Transport20182018-07-19
Premier to honour Mandelas legacy by giving  back to the community.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20182018-07-17
MEC Moiloa lashes at Tshwane mayor for being dishonest on eviction order.pdf366 KB Human Settlements20182018-07-15
Public Advisory Notice - Temporary closure of Malibongwe Drive pushed forward.pdf253 KB Roads and Transport20182018-07-17
Premier Makhura Congratulates Gauteng Participants in Italy's Tri-Colour Games.pdf238 KB Office of the Premier20182018-07-15
MEC Dikgang Uhuru Moiloa to engage communities on Rapid Land Release.pdf243 KB Human Settlements20182018-07-11
Public Advisory Notice - Temporary closure of Malibongwe Drive.pdf254 KB Roads and Transport20182018-07-10
The Gauteng Provincial Government acts against financial mismanagement in the Food Banks programme.pdf191 KB Office of the Premier20182018-07-09
MEC Creecy praises Open Tender system for saving government R1.2 billion.pdf317 KB Treasury20182018-06-26
MEC Lebogang Maile’s statement on the 105 Years of the Land Act of 1913.pdf202 KB Office of the Premier20182018-06-19
Biggest youth expo provides young minds with real work experience.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20182018-06-11
Premier Makhura announce details of Gauteng Provincial Governments Section 139 intervention for Emfuleni Local Municipality.pdf236 KB Office of the Premier20182018-06-10
Opportunities Abound at Gauteng Youth Expo.pdf235 KB Office of the Premier20182018-06-09
MEC Vadi conducts site inspection of Vereeniging Taxi rank construction project.pdf247 KB Roads and Transport20182018-06-08
Gauteng Premier to hand over more than 2000 title deeds in Emfuleni Municipality.pdf44 KB Office of the Premier20182018-06-08
Gauteng Sport Awards Aims to Inspire the Next Generation.pdf325 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182018-06-07
Gauteng Youth Expo - Gauteng hosts fourth annual entrepreneurship and careers youth expo.pdf251 KB Office of the Premier20182018-06-05
MEC encourages participation to develop Anti-Corruption Strategy.pdf254 KB Roads and Transport20182018-06-05
CoGTA MEC Moiloa condemn vandalising and burning of state property.pdf200 KB Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs20182018-06-01
Makhura refers GDARDs alleged violation of supply chain management procedures to SIU.pdf244 KB Office of the Premier20182018-05-30
GDE implores parents to heed the Online Admissions deadline.pdf209 KB Education20182018-05-24
Premier Makhura and MEC Moiloa to handover title deeds in Tshwane.pdf45 KB Office of the Premier20182018-05-31
MEC Maile Refutes DA allegations of dishing out tenders to Mabe’s company.pdf204 KB Economic Development20182018-05-28
MEC applauds law enforcement officers' swift response in Atteridgeville.pdf243 KB Roads and Transport20182018-05-30
Sebokeng water treatment key to housing development for the South of Joburg.pdf396 KB Human Settlements20182018-05-29
MEC Vadi re-opens Tsakane taxi rank.pdf248 KB Roads and Transport20182018-05-25
MEC shuts down Tsakane taxi rank.pdf385 KB Roads and Transport20182018-05-22
MEC conducts oversight visits of R511 road projects following safety concerns.pdf387 KB Roads and Transport20182018-05-21
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