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Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to handover walkway at Driehoek) 18 April 2019.pdf145 KB Education20192019/04/18
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Launches Kwa-Thema Skills School of Specialisation) 18 April 2019.pdf151 KB Education20192019/04/18
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch Kwa Thema Shool of Specalisation) 16 April 2019.pdf149 KB Education20192019/04/16
Media Statement (MEC Discourages Schools Disruption) 16 April 2019.pdf145 KB Education20192019/04/16
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi condemns the SGB and Community for closing school) 15 April 2019.pdf153 KB Education20192019/04/15
Gauteng Human Settlements spends 97 percent of grants.pdf466 KB Human Settlements20182019/03/31
MEC Uhuru Moiloa calls for calm in Rus-ter-vaal following death of two people.pdf599 KB Human Settlements20182019/04/10
Contractors must pay subcontractors and employees on time to avoid delays in projects.pdf380 KB Human Settlements20182019/04/03
Mayor Mashaba is ignorant says MEC Moiloa.pdf372 KB Human Settlements20182019/04/10
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Visit Freedom Park Secondary School) 12 April 2019.pdf103 KB Education20192019/04/12
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to introduce RCLs to their  roles and responsibilities) 11 April 2019 (003) (002).pdf150 KB Education20192019/04/11
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Launches Soshanguve Technical Secondary School of Specialisation ) 09 April 2019.pdf154 KB Education20192019/04/09
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Launch Soshanguve Engineering School of Specialisation) 05 April 2019 (003).pdf152 KB Education20192019/04/05
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Hands over  Julius Sebolai Primary School) 03 April 2019.pdf177 KB Education20192019/04/03
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi celebrates World Autism Day) 02 April 2019.pdf151 KB Education20192019/04/02
Premier Makhura to unveil new train manufacturing facility in Boksburg.pdf176 KB Office of the Premier20192019/04/01
Gauteng adopts two historic bills to combat corruption and build an intergrated public transport system.pdf163 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/31
Premier Makhura on Alleluia Ministries and its Pastor.pdf218 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/26
Gauteng Government acts on higher learning infrastructure and students accommodation.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/26
Gauteng Government to Break New Ground for UNISA Learning Centre.pdf237 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/25
New Combi-Court Sports Facility for Evaton West Community.pdf71 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20192019/03/20
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to visit Glenview Primary School) 02 April 2019 (3).pdf104 KB Education20192019/04/02
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Handover Julius Sebolai Primary School) 29 March 2019.pdf148 KB Education20192019/03/29
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch Autism Month) 28 March 2019 (003) (3).pdf114 KB Education20192019/03/28
Premier Makhura returns to Hammaskraal.pdf183 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/05
Apology by MEC Mazibuko to the people of Gauteng.pdf177 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/14
Premier Makhura to officially handover new facilities at Kagiso Secondary School.pdf178 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/14
Premier David Makhuras Statement on the utterances of MEC Faith Mazibuko.pdf180 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/15
Gauteng Government to terminate BOSASA contracts.pdf194 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/16
Premier Makhura to engage the creative industry.pdf177 KB Office of the Premier20192019/03/20
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to handover New facilities at Kagiso Secondary School) 14 March 2019.pdf103 KB Education20192019/03/14
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi hands over learners licenses to Grade 11 learners) 14 March 2019.pdf152 KB Education20192019/03/14
City of Joburg and city of Tshwane fail to spend, contract and account on human settlement developments.pdf455 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/22
Gogo Lydia receives a title deed in the comfort of her own home.pdf442 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/03
More than 70000 homes built for Gauteng citizens.pdf397 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/19
MEC concerned by continuous hardships faced by Setjwetla residents.pdf208 KB Human Settlements20192019/03/08
Reduction of HSDG grant to city of Joburg regrettable.pdf222 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/18
MEC Moiloa calls out EFF and DA to clarify its position on expropriation of land.pdf366 KB Human Settlements20192019/02/26
Gauteng Human Settlements improves on spending budget- Moiloa.pdf479 KB Human Settlements20192019/03/13
Media Statement (Mondeor High School) 13 March 2019.pdf148 KB Education20192019/03/13
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch the K53 Learner License) 13 March 2019 (3).pdf103 KB Education20192019/03/13
Media Statement (Crystal Park High School) 11 March 2019.pdf156 KB Education20192019/03/11
Media Statement ( GDE outraged by another learner rape allegations at Reiger Park) 07 March 2019 (002).pdf151 KB Education20192019/03/07
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Opens Marotola Primary School) 06 March 2019.pdf153 KB Education20192019/03/06
Media Advisory (Opening of Morotola Primary School) 05 March 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/03/05
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi addresses FONS LUMINUS learners on rape) 05 March 2019 (2) (3).pdf103 KB Education20192019/03/05
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi officially opens Mayfield Primary ) 01 March 2019.pdf126 KB Education20192019/03/01
Media Statement (Dismissal of Bryanston High School Educator) 01 March 2019.pdf147 KB Education20192019/03/04
Media Advisory (Opening of Julius Sebolai Primary School) 21 February 2019 (2).pdf156 KB Education20182019/02/21
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi Officially Launches Mohloli Secondary School of Specialisation) 28 February 2019.pdf166 KB Education20192019/02/28
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to launch Maritime Science in Sharpeville ) 28 February 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/03/28
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to Address Cyber Bullying and Inaugurate  RCLs ) 22 February 2019.pdf104 KB Education20192019/03/22
Gauteng Premier David Makhura to deliver State of the Province Address.pdf181 KB Office of the Premier20182019/02/18
MEC Mazibuko saddened by the passing of mmeDorothy Masuka.pdf120 KB Office of the Premier20182019/02/25
Media Statement  (Shooting of a Dowerglen Secondary School Learner) 13 February 2019.pdf116 KB Education20182019/02/13
Media Advisory (Opening of Protea Glen Secondary School) 13 February 2019.pdf117 KB Education20192019/02/13
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi Meeting to discuss infrastructure maintenance in schools) 12 February  2019.pdf119 KB Education20182019/02/12
Media Statement (Update on Hoerskool Driehoek) 6 February 2019.pdf178 KB Education20192019/02/06
Media Statement (Department disturbed by allegations of sexual harasment -Valhalla Primary) 6 February 2019.pdf117 KB Education20192019/02/06
Media Statement (Disruption of learning and teaching at Eldos and break in at GE District Office) 28 January 2019.pdf187 KB Education20192019/01/28
Gauteng Department of Education achieves 87.92 percent in the 2018 NSC Examinations.pdf252 KB Education20192019/01/04
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to visit Menzi Primary School) 17 January  2019.pdf119 KB Education20192019/01/17
Media Statement (Break in at Menzi Primary) 15 January 2019.pdf196 KB Education20192019/01/15
Media Statement (Placement of learners) 15 January 2019.pdf182 KB Education20192019/01/15
Media Statement (Update on Admissions and Placement of Learners) 22 January 2019.pdf186 KB Education20192019/01/22
Media Statement (Gauteng Province Awards Bursaries to Top Learners) 24 January 2019.pdf281 KB Education20192019/01/25
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi visits President High School) 25 January 2019.pdf177 KB Education20192019/01/25
Innovative technology paramount for pupils’ development.pdf153 KB Human Settlements20182019/01/09
MEC Mazibuko visits Magalies Rural School.pdf136 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182019/01/10
Gauteng saddened by the passing of music icon Dan Tshanda.pdf122 KB Sports, Arts Culture and Recreation20182019/01/10
Media Advisory (Gauteng Province is ready for the new academic year) 08 January 2019.pdf189 KB Education20182019/01/08
Media Advisory (Media Briefing State of readiness)  08 January  2019 (4).pdf117 KB Education20182019/01/07
Media Statement (State of Readiness for Schools Reopening) 8 January 2019.pdf303 KB Education20182019/01/08
Media Advisory (Matric Results announcement)  4 January  2019.pdf118 KB Education20182018/12/19
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi visiting Lewisham Primary - Educator assault by learner) 6 December 2018.pdf118 KB Education20182018/12/06
Media Statement (Parktown Boys Court Judgement on Water Polo Assistant) 29 November 2018.pdf131 KB Education20182018/11/29
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi participates in annual report debate) 28 November 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/11/28
Media Statement (2018 NSC Exam Final and Late Online Applications) 27 November 2018.pdf145 KB Education20182018/11/27
Media Statement (Fire at Rooseveldt High School) 23 November 2018 (1).pdf133 KB Education20182018/11/23
Media Statement (Laerskool Hermanstad for successfuly foiling a break in at the school) 22 November 2018.pdf131 KB Education20182018/11/22
MEC Creecy adds R1.9 billion to Gauteng budget to boost infrastrcuture spend and protect frontline services.doc135 KB Treasury20182018/11/15
MEC Creecy adds R1.9 billion to Gauteng budget to boost infrastrcuture spend and protect frontline services.pdf100 KB Treasury20182018/11/15
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi announcement on feeder zones ) 15 November 2018.pdf156 KB Education20182018/11/15
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi publishes feeder zones ) 14 November 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/11/14
Media Statement - GDE partnership with Honeywell - 09November2018.pdf149 KB Education20182018/11/09
Media Statement (Online Applications)  07 November 2018.pdf134 KB Education20182018/11/07
Media Statement - Update on Online Placement) 01 November 2018.pdf146 KB Education20182018/11/01
Media Advisory (Top Gauteng Educators Honoured) 31 October 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/11/01
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to brief media on  Admissions Placement) 31 October 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/10/31
Media Statement (Gauteng Educator arrested for bribery) 12 October 2018.pdf133 KB Education20182018/10/12
Media Statement (GDE working tirelessly to Place Learners)  22 October 2018 (2).pdf131 KB Education20182018/10/22
Media Statement (2018 NSC Exam Readiness) 19 October 2018.pdf140 KB Education20182018/10/19
Premier Makhura condemns attacks on AGSA official in Emfuleni Local Municipality_.pdf103 KB Office of the Premier20182018/10/16
Premier Makhura to visit Community Based Organisations sector in West-Rand.pdf48 KB Office of the Premier20182018/10/03
Media Advisory (MEC Lesufi to receive an award) 22 September 2018.pdf73 KB Education20182018/09/21
Media Statement ( MEC Lesufi acknowledges complaint by FFPLUS) 18 September 2018.pdf130 KB Education20182018/09/18
Media Statement (GDE saddened by the passing of learners at a Primary School in Katlehong ) 11 September 2018 (2).pdf135 KB Education20182018/09/11
Media Statement (MEC Lesufi closes Centauri Learning Centre ) 06 September 2018.pdf75 KB Education20182018/09/06
Media Statement  (Learner misconduct in schools) 10 September 2018.pdf134 KB Education20182018/09/10
Media Statement (GDE MEC condemns  the act of a firearm incident at Blue School) 12 September 2018).pdf131 KB Education20182018/09/12
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