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​​​​Shelters for Abused Women (Under the Victim Empowerment Programme)

A shelter is a residential facility providing short term intervention in a crisis situation (two weeks up to approximately six months as the need dictates). This intervention includes meeting basic needs (protection, food, clothing) as well as support, counselling and skills development (inter alia, victim rights and capacity building). Service delivery is undertaken at an early intervention level.

Service Provider
Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Who is entitled to the service?

  • ​Victims of Gender Based Violence
  • Women and their children​ 

What are the criteria to receive the service?
Every shelter has its own criteria

How and where can the service be accessed?
See the list below of shelters for abused women

What documents and information does the recipient need to provide to government?
Participation in a treatment plan

Where is the service provided?
The location of the shelter is kept confidential for the safety and security of the women. The service recipient can only use the emergency numbers provided.

What are the office hours of the service point where the service is provided?
Shelters operate 24 hours per day​​