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Social Relief and Distress

Social relief is jointly with the Municipal Disaster Management.  The Department of Social Development is mainly responsible to assist with food in the form of prepared meals and or food parcels.  Support are provided till communities have rebuild their structures and community facilities


Social relief to households and individuals

The Department provides social relief in the form of food parcels to households and families in distress. The aim of  food  relief program  is to  create a state of stability within a household, thus enabling  government to provide comprehensive  services required by  individuals within the household to better cope with stress and shock as a result of  state of  poverty  they  find themselves in. Every household provided with assistance shall be linked to a developmental programme that is aimed at ensuring sustainability in terms of livelihood within the family.

Households who are in need of food parcels are referred to the Department for support by NPO's, Social Workers, Community Development Workers and leaders in the communities.  After referral, foodbanks do an assessment at the individual households during which the poverty status and development needs are determined.

Households that meet the criteria will receive a food parcel for a period of 3 months whilst being referred for potential job opportunities or being exposed to skills development that will increase employment opportunities.