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​​Internship Programme

An Internship is a program aimed at giving practical work experience for young people who have just graduated from the Universities or Colleges to compliment their theoretical knowledge that is attained from the tertiary schools.
The objectives of the Internship Programme are:
  • To provide an opportunity for an intern to use the workplace as an active learning environment.
  • To provide opportunities for new entrants with a view to acquire skills that would make them marketable and employable.
  • To assist students to obtain required practical experience and to complete their qualification.
  • To provide the Department with an opportunity to compile a database of prospective employees for future recruitment purpose.
  • Bridge the gap between academic study and competent performance in the workplace.
Entry requirements
  • Submission of an application to the Human Resource Development (HRD) Directorate.
  • Submit a training program from the training provider/tertiary institution.
  • The specific field for which training is required.
  • The duration of the program.
  • The number of credits for the practical learning.
  • Evidence that interns are in the process of acquiring their qualifications.
Selection criteria
  • The Department will accommodate graduates other than bursary holders.
  • Students who wish to be accommodated as interns in the Department should be pursuing a career in the field relevant to the Public Service Administration, Construction and Public Works Sectors. Placement of interns shall be determined by HRD.
How can one acess an intership?

All available internship databases are kept in the department as well as the Department of Labour. Prospective interns can watch out for internship opportunities through advertisements in various local newspapers.​

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