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​​ Our Vision

Integrated, sustainable human settlements within a smart Gauteng city region.

Our Mission:
To facilitate the delivery of sustainable integrated human settlements, New Towns and smart cities in partnership with relevant role-players from all sectors of society through:

● Development of suitably located and affordable housing (shelter) and decent human settlements.

● Creating new (post-apartheid) towns and transforming current cities and towns in Gauteng (moving towards efficiency, inclusion and sustainability).

● Building cohesive, sustainable and caring communities with improved access to work and social amenities, including sports and recreation facilities (community development and optimal access/inclusion).

Our Values:

The Department has adopted a set of values that are informed by the Batho Pele ("People First") principles of the South African Public Service and as an organisation our 

specific focus is on the following:​​


Employees must be truthful and trustworthy always for example, coming to work and doing daily duties diligently.


Always put the interest of the Department first. Employees who work with confi dential information like SCM practitioners, risk management officers, document management practitioners, office cleaners and others must not compromise the Department by leaking confidential information.​


Behaviour towards colleagues, public and stakeholders must always be of good standard. For example, employees must always be cordial to all and take responsibility even in matters that do not fall within their duties.

Human dignity

We must demonstrate a caring attitude, a willingness to serve and we must be respectful to the public, other employees and everyone that we come in contact with, all the time.

Service delivery

Employees must provide excellent service as expected by our stakeholders and the public.

Sanctioning bad and rewarding good behaviour

We have a duty to put control measures to prevent bad behaviour, to discipline wrong doing and reward good behaviour, always saying "thank you" when one has done well.

Sound ethical standards

Employees and managers must instil and uphold ethical values and standards in their daily operations. They must do the right thing and add value to the Department​.


Every one of us must account for his/her actions and be willing to provide reasons for our actions and decisions. Where wrong decisions or actions were taken, restore order.


Do the right thing, even when nobody is watching.


Employees must bear the mark of professionalism, commitment and excellence in standards of work.

The values captured above underpin the organisational culture of the Department.