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Bertha Gxowa hospital has been under a revitalization project since 2006 and the practical completion was in 2011. 

This new hospital was officially launched in November 2011. 

The works completion was in August 2012.

It has the following ​unique features:

  • Elevated Helipad, Lodox machine (low dose whole body  stat scan); digital radiology services; home affairs office for birth registrations; psychiatric unit for 72hour observation; adult, pediatrics and neonatal short stay as well as high care facilities
  • 100% Generator power backup in case of Electricity shutdown. Solar panels for hot water system (COP17 green energy compliant); 

Crèche facilities Bertha Gxowa  Hospital is a District Hospital, in the Ekurhuleni Southern Sub District

The new Hospital is a 4 storey building with 230 level-1 beds of which 34 are for Step down care. The bed capacity for the new hospital is 300 beds, and a gateway clinic which is located outside the hospital.

The  current  Service package consist of : Out Patients; 24 Hours Accident Emergency and Trauma ;  Four Theatres;  Family and Internal Medicine; Pediatrics including Prevention of Mother to child Transmission (PMTCT) and Integrated Management of Childhood illnesses (IMCI); Comprehensive Care  Management and Treatment of HIV/AIDS (CCMT);  TB Focal point; Male Medical Circumcision (MMC), HIV Counseling and Testing( HCT); Medico-legal services including Post exposure Prophylaxis (PEP); Surgery excluding Orthopedics; Reproductive Health including Obstetrics and Gynecology,  Ante Natal Care , and Cervical Screening; Allied Services and  Pharmacy.

Catchment population is 537,077