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"You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide"

OUR VISION          

Lebone College of Emergency Care is the only Provincial Emergency Care Training Facility in Gauteng. As an accredited training provider, the College caters for the training of Emergency Care Personnel.

Lebone College is situated in Arcadia Pretoria but caters for the needs of Gauteng Province as a whole. Attached to the College is a self catering residence capable of housing/accommodating a limited number of learners.

The primary objective of Lebone College is to improve Emergency Care Service delivery by providing high quality training and development programs.

Whilst at the College, learners are exposed to a variety of learning experiences. These experiences include Clinical work as well as experiential learning shifts on an operational ambulance or primary response vehicle. Besides being based at a new state of the art facility in Pretoria, Lebone College also boasts an impressive array of training aids and equipment.

  • The rendering of Emergency Medical Services forms an important link in the chain of Health service delivery to the public
  • The National Department of Health has taken the step to prioritize this service for improvement
  • Amongst these improvements is the development of an appropriate workforce to redress the imbalances between available skills and the demands of the health system ​