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1. Introduction and Background

In Gauteng, admission of learners to schools is directed by the Regulations on the Admission of Learners to Public Schools, 2001, as amended.  To give effect to the Feeder Zone Provisions, the Gauteng Department of Education embarked on a broad consultative process with various stakeholders. The conceptualisation of the entire feeder zone process was a very complex process that was based on research, policy, legal analysis and the benchmarking of international best practice.  

The Department developed the GDE policy for the Determination of Feeder Zones for Schools, to guide the determination of feeder zones. The policy can be downloaded here.

In terms of Provincial Notice No. 1232  published in Government Gazette No. 339, the Head of Department has determined feeder zones for Public Ordinary Schools. The notice can be downloaded here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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