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Folder: Gauteng Department of Education Roadmap 2019-2024
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Call for the Submission of Books written by Young Writers 2019.pdf
Call for Submission School Library Catalogue.xlsx
Updated Online  Admission Management Plan 2020.pdf
Updated Online Admission Notice 2020.pdf
Updated Step by  Step Online Admission User Guide for Parent 2020.pdf
Updated Online Admissions 2020  Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.pdf
Districts Admissions 2020 Coordinators Contact  Details.xlsx
Briefing Session Feeder Zone V2.pptx
Notice of Determination of Final Feeder Zones by Head of department of Education.pdf
Printing packing and distribution of quetsion papers.pdf
Minimum requirements for admission to Higher Education.pdf
Minimum achievement requirements for the awarding of the National Senior Certificate to candidates with special needs.pdf
Magnitude and size of National Senior Certificate  Examinations.pdf
Requirements for the National Senior Certificate.pdf
Quality assurance of question papers.pdf
Modernised Funza Lushaka Online registration system goes live on 5 October 2018.pdf
Interim allocation of GDE temporarily offices.pdf
Notice Governance of two or more public school.pdf
Extension Call for Comments Admission Regulations.pdf
Presentation for Advocacy on the Admissions Regulations August 2018 V3 Final.pptx
Top 36 High Prssure Schools that reached Grade capacity_.xlsx
Password Reset - Pics.pdf
Password Reset - no pics.pdf
Step by Step process to reset password.pdf
GDE Service Delivery Charter 2018.pdf
Bursary application form.pdf
Widrawal memo of circular of 2017 and 2018.pdf
GDE Funza lushaka bursary program.pdf
NSC Technical Report 2016.pdf
Evaluations conducted by the Gauteng Department of Education  2016 to 2017.pdf
161205 Executive Summary.pdf