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Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC)

The Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC) is one of the leading implementation agencies within government, having pioneered numerous world-first automotive projects and being the recipient of several business accolades.

The organisation is a subsidiary of the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GGDA), an entity owned by Gauteng Provincial Government's Department of Economic Development.

It was established as a government support centre to increase the local automotive industry's global competitiveness and to promote Gauteng as the automotive industry investment destination of choice.

The AIDC manages the Automotive Supplier Park (ASP), an automotive hub based in Rosslyn, housing various automotive component manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to OEMs including BMW, Nissan, Ford, Iveco and Tata.

A key driver for the AIDC is to promote Gauteng as an attractive automotive destination.

Gauteng, although landlocked, is close to the northern borders of South Africa, making it an ideal gateway to sub-Saharan Africa.

The AIDC strives to make excellence an attitude whilst delivering world-class service and support to the automotive industry.

Opportunities for Women within the Automotive Sector:

Over the years, greater diversification has occurred in relation to gender roles. There are more women in automotive careers than ever, and they're rapidly joining other male-dominated industries such as construction, security and manufacturing.

In the past, women in these industries were typically found in limited roles, and certainly not at senior or executive levels. However, lately it is fair to say that the numbers have increased, in the various aspects of these industries.

In the automotive industry, women can be seen doing everything from working on cars in garages to driving as professional motor racers or being engineers. Some went to on training to pursue their dreams of working in the automotive industry while others simply learned from those around them.

The AIDC prides itself as a world-class organization which specializes in the following programmes which support women development:

             Skills Development and Training, Learning Centre,

             Supplier& Enterprise Development,

             Incubation Programmes,

             Facilities Planning & Maintenance,

             ICT,

             Township Enterprise Hubs

Various opportunities exist within all the above departments within the AIDC from artisans, industrial engineers, spray painters, panel beaters, trainers, electricians, internships, small & medium enterprise incubates and administrative opportunities.

The AIDC offers state-of-the-art manufacturing support facilities, to encourage opportunities for women within the sector.


Please visit our website: www.aidc.co.za or contact us on 012-564 5000


The Ga-Rankuwa Hotel School

The Ga-Rankuwa Hotel School is situated in the middle of a busy township of Ga-Rankuwa, near the George Mukhari Academic Hospital (formerly Medunsa) in the far north of Tshwane. The school offers a range of skills programmes in hospitality management to Gauteng Township based unemployed youth, for two consecutive weeks, at no cost.

Skills programmes include food and beverages, assistant chef, reception, waitress, basic baking skills and accommodation services, among others. Since 2014, approximately 3 0000 students have received the training.

The Gauteng Provincial Government has prioritised projects such as the Ga-Rankuwa Hotel School, Cradle of Humankind, and Dinokeng, to support and facilitate radical economic transformation, Modernisation and Re-industrialisation.

For more information about the Ga-Rankuwa Hotel School, please contact:

+ 27 (12) 703 00901 / 2271