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About e-Government

​The Department of e-Government is responsible for the rollout of a core network infrastructure that will connect all government buildings, Thusong Centres, urban renewal zones and targeted economic zones. An essential prerequisite to this infrastructure establishment is the digitization of back-office support that will be carried out through the reengineering of business processes. Furthermore, this will see the creation of a digitized document management system. The establishment of an E-government Political Coordinating Committee, chaired by the Honourable Premier, will assist in guiding the use of technologies through GPG Enterprise Architecture, as well as introducing globally recognized norms and standards to reduce ICT costs. This will also assist in optimizing the Data Centre infrastructure to cater for disaster recovery and business continuity needs of the GPG as a whole. Read more

Head of Department

Head of Department: Mr Boy Ngobeni
Tel: (011) 689 8984
Email: Tshililo.Nthangeni@gauteng.gov.za​

Deputy Director Generals

Deputy Director General
​ICTSS: Mr David Kramer
Tel: (011) 689 6013
Email: david.kramer@gauteng.gov.za​​​

​Deputy Director General
​Corporate Management: Ms Mmamokgadi Mashala

Tel: (011) 689 8204​


Gauteng Broadband Network

GBN has provided Public WifI access to Thusong Centres and Libraries to access GPG Services like the Job Centre and other education related material

GBN has provided Public Wifi access to some industrial and economic hubs like Orlando Industrial Hub, Mohlakeng Enterprise Hub, and Winterveld Enterprise hub. This is assisting SMMEs housed in these hubs to access internet. The department has also partnered with the Innovation hub to provide connectivity to their Ekasi Labs that are intended to train youth and small enterprises; These eKasi labs are also incubating SMME. Design and Validation Centre (DAV Centre) is collaborating with GPG through the eGov to promote innovation in technology space by identifying emerging SMM and incubate them over a period - eGov is also providing connectivity

Government Institutions
Faster internet and WAN connectivity to access internet and other government systems. Provide GBN VoIP to reduce government data and telephony costs. Enable government to deliver technology enabled eServices that require high-speed broadband internet


Enhancing economic productivity through ICT infrastructure development to lower the cost of doing business and increase connectivity for companies and especially small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs). Improving service delivery by providing high-quality ICT services through e-Government. Building capability and improving the quality of service and client experience in the provision of human resource services. These are​ executed by improving efficiency through the automation of transactional services.


The GPG professional job Centre seeks to meet the Gauteng Provincial Government strategic priorities of creating decent employment through inclusive economic growth and ensuring an efficient, effective and development oriented public service.

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