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​​About the Department of e-Government



A connected Gauteng city region that leverages technology to provide quality services to citizens.


To realise the intent of a connected government through:

  •  Provision of relevant technologies, standards and governance
  • Creation of an environment of collaboration between key shareholders; and
  • Facilitation of the evolution on the Gauteng city region (GCR) service delivery.


Strategic objectives

The key strategic objectives of the department are to:

  • Build an enabling infrastructure for connected GCR government;
  • Create an enabling platform and support services to enable GCR entities to design , develop and deliver e-government services:
  • Establish a GCR e-Government governance structure to drive priorities, policies, standards and regulations;
  • Promote the use of e-government services by citizens, businesses and government entities; and
  • Stimulate the ICT economy by facilitating incubation and innovation and by encouraging public-private partnerships (PPPs) to develop and roll out e-Government services.


Core functions and responsibilities

  • To roll out the Gauteng Broadband Network (GBN) 
  • To develop and maintain all provincial government owned ICT infrastructure​
  • To develop and maintain applications, networks and services;
  • To improve and provide customer-driven HR services;
  • To implement e-Recruitment solutions for job seekers; and
  • To deploy HR systems in the province