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​The role of Traffic Management in the department is to strengthen traffic law enforcement and to contribute towards the reduction of road fatalities in the Gauteng Province. The programme is further charged with the adjudication of road traffic offenses. It takes responsibility for the enhancement of road user knowledge, skills and attitudes through the promotion of road safety.

Traffic Management is sub-divided into the following programmes:

a)      Traffic law enforcement, Public Transport Inspectorate and Special Services

This sub-programme is responsible for the inspection of road traffic hazardous locations that contribute to road fatalities in the province. It is also responsible for conducting operations that deal with speed law enforcement, drunken driving, reckless & negligent driving, pedestrians, learner transport, freight, public transport (driver and vehicle fitness testing), unroadworthy vehicles as well as fraud and corruption.


b)      Road Safety Promotion

This component of traffic management is tasked with promoting road safety promotion through safety awareness interventions and conducting road safety education at schools across the province.