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Ikhaya Lethemba (IKLT) opened in March 2003. It has been open on a 24/7 basis since opening. IKLT is the largest, most comprehensive one stop centre for victims within Gauteng and nationally. It provides a comprehensive package of services to victims.


This package of services consists of the following:

  1.           Counselling services for adults 
  2.           Counselling services for children
  3.           Medico-legal services 
  4.           Specialised police services (FCS) 
  5.           Family justice support services 
  6.           Residential shelter services 

1. Counseling services for adults:

These services are specialized care services for adults victims.  These include victims of domestic, sexual and general criminal violence.  Within this package of services the following are offered:

  •           Intake
  •           Screening
  •           Short-term crisis intervention – up to six sessions
  •           Admissions
  •           Appropriate referral
  •           Groupwork


2. Counseling services for children:

  • Two categories of children require services:  Those who are primary victims (experience direct abuse) and those that are secondary victims (Those who witness abuse) 
  • Teddy bear clinic provides services to both categories.  This includes direct interventions for children who are primary victims and witness to violence interventions for those who are secondary victims.
  • Specialized counseling to sexually abused  children and adults who experienced sexual assault as children. (Adult survivors of childhood sexual assault).
  • Includes therapeutic services and support groups
  • Provides forensic assessment of children and court preparation services for children under 13 years.


3. Medico legal services:

Medico legal services form a vital part of service delivery to victims of sexual and domestic violence.

  •           24 hour service
  •           Assessment of physical injuries
  •           Collection of forensic medical evidence
  •           Pre- and post HIV test counseling
  •           Provision of anti-retroviral drugs
  •           Currently offering service on a referral basis to Help in Hillbrow.
  •           In-house services to commence in 2011-12.


4. Specialized policing services:

Two cluster based FCS (Family violence, child protection and sexual offences unit) units based at IKLT – Hillbrow and JHB central. They assist with the following:

  •           Opening of case dockets
  •           Investigations
  •           Collection of evidence


5. Family justice services:

The criminal justice system can be a frightening unfriendly place for victims. It is vital that victims have someone who will act as an advocate for them and help them map and move through the CJS.

The family justice team assists with the following:

  1.           Basic Para legal advice.
  2.           Explanation of legal process.
  3.           Court preparation.
  4.           Court support and accompaniment
  5.           Post trial debriefing
  6.           Assistance with applications for protection orders
  7.           Maintenance, divorce, custody issues.


6. Residential services:

  • Many victims of social crimes experience violence within the home. As a result the home becomes an unsafe space and alternative accommodation is required. Ikhaya Lethemba is the largest shelter for victims of violence nationally.  We accommodate 140 women and children.
  • Male victims are referred to the DSD funded shelter for men on the West Rand. The unit is manned by a functional social work and volunteer unit. Women remain in the shelter for 6 to 9 months. The shelter runs a full time crèche / ECD centre that accommodates babies, toddlers and preschool children.  It also offers babysitting sessions for when women are in skills development and counseling.
  • We assist with the placement of children in schools and the transport of children to schools where possible. There are skills development programmes offered for women including beadwork, beauty therapy and computer skills. There are a range of recreational programmes including the gym, the library, TV facilities and religious services on Sundays.



​The following key partners work closely with us to ensure that the centre is able to operate. The figures below indicate the number of staff that are based at the centre:

  •           Teddy bear Clinic                
  •           Lifeline​            
  •           Medicolegal  Services with 1 doctors and 9 nurses
  •           NPA                       
  •           FCS
  •           Volunteers                        



  • Ikhaya Lethemba fits into the broader VEP programme for the province. 
  • The key purpose of the programme is to provide a uniform basket of services to all victims across the province.
  • Ikhaya Lethemba is the largest one stop centre in Gauteng.
  • It is supported by 3 regional offices (Orange Farm, Sharpeville and Duduza).
  • 122 Victim empowerment centres based at police station level feed into these professional sites.  These are manned by volunteers.
  • There is also a network of other sites that we collaborate with including NGO run sites, Thuthuzela care centres and other sites.
  • Every citizen of Gauteng, who has experienced violence and crime, regardless of where they reside, deserves to get a quality victim empowerment service.
  • The provincial VEP management team has been working on the development of an implementation plan for the management of sexual and domestic violence.
  • This plan has the following vision: "That all victims of sexual and domestic violence receive an effective and efficient multi disciplinary package of services, tailored in a unique manner to meet all their needs." 
  • To achieve this vision the VEP provincial management team is setting up a network of services throughout the province.
  • This consists of a network of professional "one stop" sites of varying service levels, ranging from IKLT to TCC's to our regional victims offices.
  • These sites are supported by a network of funded NGO's who provide specialized therapeutic care and counseling.
  • These sites are fed into through a network of 122 police station based victim support centre's.
  • We are also rebranding our local level victim support sites that meet our minimum requirements to become "green doors".


Ikhaya Lethemba is based Braamfontein no. 176 Smit Street, Gauteng.​