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Chapter 12 of the South African constitution (1996) acknowledges the institution of traditional leadership and its place and role in the system of democratic governance. In terms of the chapter, the institution, status and role of traditional leadership according to customary law are recognised. This is supported by the National Traditional Leadership & Governance Framework Act (2003) and the Gauteng Traditional Leadership and Governance Act (2010).

In accordance with these legislations, the Gauteng Provincial Government has recognised two traditional councils, namely: the Amandebele Ba Lebelo and the Amandebele Ndzundza Sokhulumi, governing their respective rural communities in Bonkhorspruit and Hammanskraal. ​


Amandebele​ Ndzundza Sokhulumi Traditional Council​​​

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Historical background

AmaNdebele Ndzundza Sokhulumi originates from king Ndzundza. The current Senior Traditional Leader MP Mahlangu known as Mkhambi II is a direct descendant of king Ndzundza. King Ndzundza was born from king Musi. The sons of King Musi were Mauala, Ndzundza, Masombuka, Kekana, Sibasa, Mohwaduba, Thombeni. All the above mentioned sons of king Musi have their clans.

King Musi's wife (Indlovukazi) that gave birth to Manala passed on. King Musi then proceeded reigning in the second house where Ndzundza is born. When King Musi passed on the and the chieftaincy was handed to King Ndzundza, who resided in Belfast (KwaSimkhulu) currently known as Emakhazeni. The chieftaincy lineage was then handed over as follows:

·         King Ndzundza
·         King Mrhetjha
·         King Magobholi
·         King Bongwe
·         King Mahlangu
·         Mgwezani
·         King Magodongo
·         King Mloyi
·         King Tjambowe
·         King Dlambisa
·         King Qhutjiwe (Ragiwe)
·         King Mkhambi I
·         King Josia
·         King Mkhambi II (MP Mahlangu)

The current head of the Ndzundza clan (MP Mahlangu) known as Mkhambi II is serving as the member of the National House of Traditional Leaders. He also leads Ndzundza Sokhulumi Traditional Council and community which comprises:

​Rooipoort, Vlakfontein 453 JR, Vaalplaas and Vaalstroom.

He is the custodian of the Ndebele culture and language.​

​Amandebele ba Lebelo Traditional Council