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GPG Tender Information 

Welcome to Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) Tender Information portal. All tenders in GPG are accessible through this site. The site is updated to provide the latest information on government procurement opportunities across the fourteen GPG departments. Opportunities range from supplies, services and works that aim to achieve the Transformation, Modernization and Re-industrialization (TMR) agenda of the province. Potential service providers are invited to partner with GPG to realize the objectives of th​​e TMR programme. An Open Tender Process is part of the initiatives introduced to promote the programme by transforming state and governance processes.

What is Open Tender Process (OTP)?
Open tender Process (OTP) is an initiative of Gauteng Provincial Government to improve transparency in government procurement in order to build public confidence in the procurement process.   The OTP aims to promote transparency of the procurement process to award bids through fair competition in GPG while ensuring compliance with Supply Chain Management rules and regulations. OTP contributes to the transformation of state and governance as part of the TMR programme.
 Key Features of Open Tender Process 

The key distinctive features of OTP includes, amongst others:
  • An effective support from the Provincial Treasury by reviewing and advising on specifications.
  • Design and establishment of the GPG Procurement Hub over the MTEF.
  • The use of probity auditors to assure compliance of the procurement process.
  • Publication of tender information on each stage of the procurement process.
  • Inviting the public to observe the Bid Adjudication Committee (BAC) process.
For more information, visit the ​​​​​GPG Tender Portal